What Are The Symptoms Of Skin Cancer : 5 Symptoms You Should Know

The Symptoms Of Skin Cancer is one of the many types of cancer that has the highest probability to happen or occur in your body.

As a disease that caused by the exposes of skin to the ultraviolet light, skin cancer is absolutely easy to develop. But how can we know if we have a skin cancer or not? How to identify the sign?

What Are The Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

What Are The Symptoms Of Skin Cancer – Do not be fret, because in this article we are going to give you some explanation about what are the symptoms of the skin cancer that you should know and be suspicious about.

1. Basal cell carcinoma Symptoms

What Are The Symptoms Of Skin Cancer – Basal cell carcinoma usually appears on the in neck or face when your skin gets exposed to the sun. it looks like a pale bump with an indentation on the center of it.

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It also can develop on your chest with a brownish color looking like a scar. If cancer develops, it sometimes bleeds and become crusty in other areas.

2. Squamous cell carcinomas Symptoms

Usually happens in sun-exposed areas such as your face, ear, hands and legs.

But if you are dark skinned, squamous cell carcinomas usually appears in the place of the body that less exposed to the sun.

The symptoms itself appear as a firm nodule, but if there’s no nodule, usually it will be a red scaly lump.

It doesn’t go away easily and develop quite slowly to the other areas as well, making the tumors spreading throughout the body little by little.

3. Melanoma Symptoms

The skin cancer that can develop anywhere on your body.It’s can grow on a normal skin or on a mole that becomes cancerous.

Men usually have this on their face or trunk, while for the women case, they usually have this on their legs or lower part.

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Melanoma itself is a skin cancer that is usually developed on a skin that is less exposed to the sun. it can occur to every tone skins without any exception.

The symptoms of this usually shown with a large brownish speckles spot, a mole that bleeds and change it shape or color, a small lesion with the color of red, white, blue that is painful when you touch it, dark-colored lesion on your palm, fingertips, or sole or even a mucous membrane on your vagina or anus.

4. Kaposi sarcoma Symptoms

Usually a bit rare to happen, but this is a skin cancer that develops in your skin blood vessels and causes red or purple patches on the skin.

Kaposi Sarcoma itself is a kind of skin cancer that usually happens to those with a weakly immune body. Such as people who got an organ transplant or having AIDS.

5. Sebaceous gland carcinoma

The most uncommon one among the five lists, it is an aggressive skin cancer that occurs in the oil glands of the skin.

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The symptom appears with a hard and painless nodule that can develop everywhere but usually, it appears on the eyelid.

That is what are the symptoms of skin cancer you need to know. If one of these symptoms happened to you, be more cautious and do some skin checkup with a doctor.

Although not all the skin change happens due to cancer, it won’t be hurt to stay alert and keep your skin healthy.

That’s all for us for today, thank you for reading, have a good day! and if you have any question just comment below this article or you could send me a message on contact form page.

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