Photos of Cancerous Moles

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You may feel suspicious when you see a strange mole on your skin. It could be a symptom of a tumor or cancer that appears in a small size. Many people are unaware of the cancerous moles on their skin until the moles are enlarged. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you know some photos of cancerous moles so you can distinguish between inborn births and cancerous moles. Here, there are some pictures that can be suspected to be cancer. Let’s review it together.

Photos of Cancerous Moles


Picture 1

If we see from the picture above, there is a mole that is getting bigger but it still looks like a wound. In addition to getting bigger, this mole may also be itchy and it is easily bleeding. When you get this symptom, you may suspect it as a cancerous mole. So, you would better watch out this condition.


Picture 2

If you see a mole on your skin but it has a rough texture, then it can be the sign of cancer. You can distinguish between a real birthmark and a cancerous mole from its shape. A birthmark usually appears since you were born while a cancerous mole may grow when you are an adult. A birthmark mole is also softer and forms a perfect shape while a cancerous mole is rough and uneven.


Picture 3

You can try to distinguish between two moles above. The left side is a real birthmark and the right side is the cancerous mole. You can also see the color of the mole. A cancerous mole has a typical color while a birthmark has a darker and softer color. You can also see around the mole. A cancerous mole has a red shadow while the real birthmark is clean.


Picture 4

Most of the doctors suggest us check the mole with ABCDE formula. A is for Asymmetry, B is for Border, C is for Color, D is for Diameter, and E is for evolution. Most of the cancerous moles are not asymmetrical and it tends to be untidy and looks bad. In addition, a birthmark has a perfect border while a cancerous mole has a rough border. In addition, the color of birthmark is darker while cancerous mole has unclear color. Meanwhile, the cancerous mole also has different diameter while it also gets bigger over time.

Solution for Cancerous Moles

You may check if there is a strange mole on your skin that appears suddenly. Once you notice or suspect that it is cancer, then you can go to a doctor for a further diagnose. Let your doctor determine if it is a cancerous mole or it is just an ordinary mole. If possible, when you are diagnosed with skin cancer, your doctor will immediately take an action and remove the mole from your skin before it gets bigger. A skin cancer may be dangerous when it is not solved immediately.

Anyway, those are several photos of cancerous moles that you must know so that you can distinguish between a real birthmark and cancerous mole. Before it is getting bigger, it is important to take immediate action to remove cancer from your skin.




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