How Long Is Chemotherapy For Colon Cancer with 5-Fluorouracil Therapy?

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How Long is Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer is Given Almost Every Day, It Will Spent Month to Months

How Long Is Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer is the most question of many colon cancer patients in general. This needs to be underlined when looking at chemotherapy as a cancer therapy that involves the use of chemicals.

In addition, How Long Is Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer is about using drugs that have the goal of killing or killing cancer cells by poisoning them. Chemotherapy has been used as a standard cancer treatment protocol in the world since 1950 ago.

How Long Is Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer and the Steps?

How long chemotherapy in colon cancer patients can’t be ascertained exactly (time). Currently, there are more than 50 drugs used during the chemotherapy.

The drugs will be inserted into the body through an infusion at the vena, direct injection: the muscles under the skin or in the body cavity, and in tablet form. Frequent between one cycles of chemotherapy with other chemotherapy cycles is given a pause for the body to recover.

Chemotherapy was not as simple as I think. There are several sequences that must be taken for the patient. Chemotherapy can be done as long as adjusting the type of cancer, spread, and stage of cancer that has an unlimited period of time, although can be done every 3 weeks or more.

How Long Is Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer 5-Fluorouracil Therapy (5-FU)

To treat patients with colon cancer, in addition to chemotherapy, there is currently a gold standard that can be done, namely chemotherapy with the 5 fluorouracil-based circuit (5-FU).

The standard is designed on the basis of clinical trials that utilize 5-FU and levamisole, as well as demonstrate survival benefits for stage 3 colon cancer patients. While there is currently no definite standard for treating patients with stage 2 colon cancer, some of the patients received 5FU chemotherapy to improve the body they. In contrast to stage 3 and 2, for colorectal cancer patients not receiving 5-FU because their prognosis is better and enough to remove the tumor.

In stage 4 colon cancer patients still, have the possibility of receiving 5-FU to relieve only, but need to be underlined when 5-FU in stage 4 patients is not a cure.

That the application of 5-FU + levamisole is a healing therapy that is somewhat in line with surgery because it can increase the rate of healing for patients with high-risk colon cancer.

Looking at this treatment capability, it should be 5-FU + levamisole considered a standard treatment for all patients with colon cancer. Oh yes, the side effects of 5-FU + levamisole you need to notice: several times vomiting, stomatitis, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, and mild alopecia.

When going to chemotherapy, the patient will be ascertained the result of laboratory examination through the blood check according to the specified standard. Many items to check, such as white blood cells, red blood cells, SGPT, SPOGT, HB, urea, creatine, uric acid, blood sugar, and so on.

If one item is problematic, then the chemotherapy process will be delayed until the patient’s condition is normal or near normal. Similarly, the focus of treatment is changing because the specialist will focus the treatment to improve or normalize the lab results first, then to cancer. In the end, how long chemotherapy in colon cancer sufferers has an unlimited time, how long is chemotherapy for colon cancer? It will be done at a vulnerable time of three weeks or a month of this whole time about.

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