Free Wigs For Cancer Patients : 4 Awesome Websites You Can Visit

Free Wigs For Cancer Patients

Free wigs for cancer patients : Fighting cancer with chemotherapy is the most known procedure to do when you are diagnosed with cancer. The drugs in chemotherapy do attack and reduce the number of cancer cells that are spreading through your body.

In the other hand, it could cause a side effect such as a permanent hair loss. This kind of situation leads us to the needs of a wig, but with all of the cost we need to pay for the treatment, even a $40 wig sounds too expensive to be spent.

Free wigs for cancer patients

Fortunately, there is a way to get it for free. In this article, we would give you some suggestion on where you can find free wigs for cancer patients.


Lolly’s Locks

With the tagline of “For heads and Hearts”, Lolly’slocks is one of the nonprofit organization that provides high-quality wigs for cancer patients.

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With the mission to make all of the cancer patients feeling good about themselves, Lolly’s lock offers lots of quality high for free without anything in exchange.

The application process is quite easy as well. You can check their official website by typing “Lolly’s locks” on google and then go to their application page.

When you are done, you shall receive an email if your application is approved and voila! You got a new wig!

Friends Are By Your Side

Friends Are By Your Side

Friends are by your side organization is one of the nonprofit’s organizations that are also providing some free wigs for the cancer patients.

The only thing that differentiates this from the first one is its styling option when you can get your wig styled and get a hair replacement as well for free!

Most of Hollywood stars are known for joining the campaign as well such as Justin Bieber and NBL players.

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American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society

One of the local organizations that accept wig donations from people. Although the wigs are mostly second hands, they clean it well and styled it so that it will look new to wear.

If you need some funding because you don’t have a health insurance, you can contact your local American Cancer Society office nearby or simply go to Look Good Feel Better meetings to get not only financial support but cosmetics and head coverings.

cancer care wig free

Cancer Care

This one might be the most known as it provides financial and counseling, free wigs, and even breast prostheses to cancer patients who undergo breast surgery.

Most of the programs are more directed for women, but overall they have the best services and quite easy to contact, especially if you are living in the US.

Final Words

That’s all the four websites you can visit to get free wigs for cancer patients! You can also check some cancer centers as well as they have a wig banks for those who need a wig free of charge.

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Other than that, it might be an easy deal for us who never through cancer but for those who fight it hard every single day and lose their confidence, this little help can put a smile and boost their confidence.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay lovely, thank you for reading, have a good day!

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