Frankincense & Cancer – The Latest News You Should Know

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Frankincense resin and oil is obtained from Boswellia, a genus of timber which could be frequent in Asia, Africa, India and the Heart East. Frankincense was used for 1000’s of years as a base for perfume. Frankincense was moreover utilized in standard medicines to take care of inflammatory issues akin to rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s sickness.

According to printed scientific literature, frankincense may also play an important place in most cancers treatment; however, information is restricted. Pure dietary dietary supplements should not trade or complement medical treatment with out first consulting your doctor.

Prostate Cancer

Inside the March 2010 topic of “Molecular Pharmacology,” Dr. Aydee C. Estrada, et al., reported on the outcomes of tirucallic acids in opposition to prostate cancer. Tirucallic acids are the energetic parts current in frankincense. Dr. Estrada found that tirucallic acids extracted from frankincense effectively killed cultured human prostate cancer cells which were experimentally grafted into mice, by inducing the expression of proteins which could be important in apoptosis. Apoptosis is a cell course of that produces cellular lack of life and is a course of most cancers have realized to stay away from.


Acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, is a most cancers that occurs throughout the bone marrow and originates in cells that lastly develop to be white blood cells of the immune system. AML is rare in children and usually solely impacts adults over the age of forty. Inside the March 2005 topic of “Molecular Cancer Treatment,” Dr. Lijuan Xia, et al., reported that in laboratory-based experiments, resin from frankincense extract effectively induced apoptosis, rising cell lack of life by roughly 40 p.c in leukemia cells.

Kidney Cancer

Using human bladder cancer cell traces, as reported throughout the March 2009 topic of “BMC Complementary and Varied Medicine,” Dr. Mark Barton Frank, et al., illustrated that frankincense was cytotoxic for bladder tumor cells. In numerous phrases, frankincense could current revenue in opposition to bladder cancer by killing most cancers cells, whereas not affecting common cells. Extra experiments are important to verify the outcomes.

Cinical Data

Although an entire lot of scientific information helps a possible place for frankincense in most cancers treatment, primarily based on NIH, all the experiments have been carried out in cells or in animal analysis. Cells, whereas an outstanding gadget in most cancers analysis, do not completely make clear the potential impression of frankincense throughout the human physique. Additional analysis are important to search out out if frankincense is definitely a sound treatment chance. Furthermore, the safety of frankincense has not been completely studied. Negative effects may exist. Use frankincense cautiously and solely with the advice of a health care provider.

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