Want to Diet But Slow Metabolism? Here is How You Should do

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Often feel the diet fails because it has a slow metabolism? Although already tried this diet diet, it seems there has been no weight loss with a fairly definite number after so long undergoing the program.

About this, Diet specialist explained that her own metabolism is actually influenced by several components such as gender and activity level.

“Bassal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the energy consumed, when we rest also burns, depending on mood, height, weight, sex, and level of activity,” he said.

In general, the older a person eats a person’s metabolism decreases. But that does not mean that younger people have better metabolic rates.

“Well, that means people who are old, 40 years old, than 20 years old will be better that younger, but baseball forever, old people but active sports when compared to young age and just relaxed can also be good that already 40- an, “he added.

Diana likens metabolism as a car. The more often invited to move, routinely given the fuel, the performance of the car will remain good.

“We slow down metabolism to move, like the old car is not used, when used eventually slow, so to get metabolism? activity,”

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