The Best Average Cost of Asbestos Removal 2020

Cost of asbestos removal depends on various circumstances. Some asbestos removal services will need another third party contractor for air clearances and air monitoring (only at high-risk services).

The third party will cost you some money though. The contractors will count their time and materials they need to get the work done.

The cost of asbestos removal for small jobs

Cost of Asbestos Removal

The small job is usually asbestos removal in a small scope (both the quantity and the size of the workspace).

Costs to be paid for minor asbestos removal jobs such as clean an asbestos contaminated area usually start at $ 150. For asbestos taping, the average cost you have to pay is around 800 to 1,500 dollars.

Meanwhile, an asbestos remediation is around $ 2,000 – $ 10,000 or even bigger (depending on the size of the area, time-consuming, and the waste).

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Before you hire an asbestos removal contractor, you should look for some references to the best contractors near you.

This is done so you can get the best price and service; expensive is not necessarily good. In addition, this is done so you can find out what services you will get if you can when hiring one of the contractors.

After that, plan the works and decide based on the information and the budget you have.

You should adjust your budget with the types of the asbestos removal jobs.

Choose the most important first, do it step by step until all the asbestos materials are removed from your house.

The cost of asbestos removal for bigger jobs

Once you hire the most suitable contractor, ask them to observe and test asbestos in your home. Observations and tests will greatly help you to determine the asbestos removal jobs and the cost of asbestos removal you need.

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Often the results of the observations and tests will be more of the kind of asbestos removal jobs you want, but it does not matter because you can do the rest in another time; at least you know your asbestos removal needs.

The cost of asbestos removal based on the removal jobs:


The fees for this type of work usually start at $ 900. The amount of the fee depends on the types of the floor, risk, and the area of work.

Asbestos tape

The cost of this work starts from $ 150 to $ 3000. Typically, the price for this job depends on the level of difficulty and the number of areas that must be taped.

Pipe insulation

The pipe insulation is usually appreciated from $ 300, but the longer the pipe must be insulated then the price will be more expensive.

This is because of the expensive glove bags used for this job. The survey and test will cost around $ 300 to $ 900. Some contractors may have different prices.

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Some will ask you to pay $ 900 to $ 1700 (for house) and $ 2000 and beyond as the cost of asbestos removal for office or other commercial buildings (once again, it depends on the size and the types of job you want).

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