Canine Cancer Diet Menu Tips and Guide to Protect You and Your Dog

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Some Diet Menu Tips Will Help You to Treat Your Dog to Against Cancer Growing

Aware of Canine Cancer Diet! Having a pet at home is a kind of pleasure, especially a dog. We can walk around and play with a cute dog. To the dog, you can feed them with special doggy foods. It is easy to treat the pet like the dog. But the problem is, sometimes they can suffer several diseases. One of them is canine cancer.

Cancer is not only suffered by the human, but also animal like the dog. The dog with cancer will be harder to get recovery. Despite if the cancer is already spreading and in the advanced stage. Canine Cancer Diet is one of the efforts that you must do when your pet get cancer. By changing food menu for your dog, it will fight that cancer and can increase their life expectancy.

Prepare Your Dog’s Food

If your dog suffers cancer, you will start to think about the way to fight it. While getting special treatment from the doctor, you can give home treatment also. Preparing foods for your dog is one of them. But one thing you should consider about the Dietary of Canine Cancer. A homemade diet will be more effective because you can adjust the kinds of food by yourself. In addition, there are many benefits that you can get for example; increased vigor, improved hair coat, decreased allergies, less inflammation, less stool and odor, and also weight control. Despite in against cancer, this treatment is very good to choose.

Canine Cancer Diet Menu Tips

You know that cancer cells use glucose (carbs) as an energy source. The same thing comes to the dog. That is why you should decrease carbs list over the menu food of the dog. Pay attention to the diet menu that can be applied to the cancer dog.

  • Low carbs are good. Adjust the carbs that you feed to your dog. It is good to against cancer while doing another treatment.
  • Give supplement with additional fatty acid and key nutrients.
  • Mix with the “people food”. It may be like:
  • Lean ground meat, poultry
  • Plain yoghurt, eggs, cottage cheese, ground almonds
  • Veggies such as carrots, leafy greens (kale), yams (remember no onions)
  • Fruits such as blueberries, melon, mango, peach, dried cranberries (remember no grapes, no raisins)
  • No chocolate, no macadamia nuts
  • Eliminate processed proteins
  • No frying food. To against cancer cells you should eliminate all fry’s foods including potato and corn chips.
  • Avoid super sweet fruit such as bananas.

Remember that, your pet is like part of your family that you should take care. Besides feeding food nutrition to them, you can also give them happier day by playing and always pay attention to them. Keeping them far from stress when has cancer. As the data, stress is a destroyer of dogs as much as it is of humans. Try to always treat your dog kindly, never talk loud despite being angry with them. By helping them face cancer, hopefully, they can get better and recover. All the Canine Cancer Diet tips above is good to give a maximum result for your dog to against cancer.

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