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Breast Cancer Cheer Socks is another way to show the impression. Breast cancer awareness color ribbon is pink. It is associated with awareness campaign among people in the world about breast cancer. It is important to lower the patients with breast cancer.

According to the data, breast cancer can happen to every woman in average ages 20 – 50 years. Besides that men also have the chance to suffer this disease although still rare. Both men and women have to be aware of the risk factor that increases the chance to get breast cancer. In addition, Breast Cancer Cheer Socks can be used as the outfit in awareness community event like fundraising.

Pay Attention to Breast Cancer Cheer Socks Features

To add the spirit for the breast cancer patient, I mean why not?! We can share our empathy, impression of morale to the patient, it will really help them tough. Saying that they’re not alone. Say that we are also care. Pink ribbon as a symbol of breast cancer awareness is simply to spread awareness about this disease. Imagining of how many people died of this type cancer is very frightening. That is why preventive action should be taken before cancer going to be worst. Besides that, it is a simple way to support cancer survivor because that small thing can say a lot more than words. You can also do it to support your family or beloved one. The symbol can be found in apparel like socks that you can choose to wear.

Breast Cancer Cheer Socks Features, Description and Details

It is very important to know the description of the product before going to purchase it. Bellows are several features of Breast Cancer Cheer Socks by Palmetto Fundraising:

Pink ribbon symbol can be a support to your family or beloved one who suffer breast cancer

Based on the request of customers, they are manufacturing these socks with a slightly larger calf that available for many people with different calf size. These socks are able to fit tiny legs, yet stretch to fit larger calves.

  • They ship fast if you need it for the events
  • The material is made of lightweight and breathable
  • Great to wear at walks, runs, team sports, cheerleading and more. You can use these socks for many situations.
  • Great to use as fundraisers
  • Description and details:
  • Available color: black with pink ribbon
  • Ladies sized: 9-11, fits shoe sizes 5-12
  • Materials composition: 85% Acrylic, 10% Nylon, 5% Spandex
  • 14” height from ankle to knee with max 16” calf circumference for a comfortable fit
  • Shipping weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Prize:$2.95 + $1.94 shipping

Breast Cancer Cheer Socks is a simple thing that you can use in any situation and event to carry awareness message and support. By doing this small gesture you already give the contribution to the better health among people in the world which started in your environment. For the breast cancer survivors who are fighting to cancer, this will increase their hope and won’t feel alone anymore.

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