Where Does Uterine Cancer Spread To First: In-depth Explanation Of Uterine Cancer

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Almost 61.380 women are diagnosed with uterine cancer in the US each year. It is also estimated that 10.920 of them passed away due to this horrible disease. As one of the frightful cancer types, Uterine cancer only happens to women, and it grows in women’s reproductive system.

But how this cancer spread throughout our body and how to treat this disease? Today, we are going to have some deep insight regarding where does uterine cancer spread to first in our body, its types, its symptoms, its treatments and prevention.

What is Uterine Cancer and how it spread

Uterine cancer is cancer that attacking woman’s reproduction system. Basically, this disease begins when the healthy cells in the uterus change and grow uncontrollably which also forming a mass of a tumour in it. Although this tumour can be not cancerous or benign and won’t invade other tissues, it can become malignant as well, which will become dangerous and spread throughout the other organ and that’s when this disease becomes cancerous.

The types of Uterine Cancer

There are two types of uterine cancer which are:

  • Adenocarcinoma: the most common uterine cancer to happen, Adenocarcinoma is also commonly called as endometrial cancer/carcinoma has many varieties of treatments. The treatment itself is depending on how far the tumour spread through the uterus. This type also gets the treatment like ovarian cancer does, which makes this cancer goes to the same serious cancer category.
  • Sarcoma: a uterus cancer which develops in the supporting tissues of the uterine gland and myometrium or we can say the uterine muscle. It has different treatment than adenocarcinoma and literally accounts for 2 to 4% of uterine cancer.

The Symptoms

Below are the symptoms and signs of uterine cancer, they are:

  • Unusual bleeding in the vagina, abnormal uterine bleeding.
  • Having a hard time urinating and feel a bit painful to do so
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Pain in the pelvic and thigh area

The Treatments

There are many options you can choose if you are diagnosed with this disease, they are:

  • Surgery: for surgery, there are two procedures, including Hysterectomy (a procedure to remove uterus and cervix) and Lymphadenectomy (a surgical procedure to remove only lymph nodes near the tumour to determine if cancer has spread throughout the uterus or not).
  • Radiation therapy is also used around the vaginal cavity or the whole pelvis area. The side effect of this therapy might be varied and depends on how many radiation therapies you have gone through.
  • Chemotherapy: one of the most used drugs to kill cancer cells, it is also used to treat uterine cancer.
  • Hormone therapy: this therapy is done to slow the growth of certain types of uterine cancer. It involves a high dose of sex hormones progesterone in a form of pills.

The Preventions

There some ways to avoid uterine cancer, they are:

  • Maintain your weight: believe it or not, obesity is also one of the factors of why someone could be diagnosed with uterine cancer. It is important to keep a healthy weight, not just to avoid uterine cancer per-see but basically to keep healthy.
  • Always use birth control when you have sexual intercourse
  • For you who have diabetes background or diagnosed with diabetes, always do some check-ups and try to balance your health by doing some sports and eat healthy foods.

That is all about where does uterine cancer spread to first and it’s deep inside! How was it? Do you get the gist of it? We hope you do! Always check out for the next article update, thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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