What Does Thyroid Cancer Look Like

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What does thyroid cancer look like? That is one question that most of the people want to know the answer. Thyroid cancer is a malignant disease that has four types i.e. papillary, follicular, anaplastic, and medullary thyroid cancer. It usually does not make the gland become bigger, but it creates a nodule in the gland. Most of the thyroid nodules are not malignant and this thyroid cancer can be cured. Thyroid cancer may also limit the ability to absorb iodine and limits the ability to produce thyroid hormone.

What does thyroid cancer look like?

There are several characteristics of thyroid cancer that every patient may get. However, each patient will feel the different sign of the thyroid cancer emergence. But, the most important part is the emergence of a lump on the neck as the sign of thyroid cancer. Here are several common characteristics of thyroid cancer anyway:

  1. The Emergence of a Lump on the Neck

A lump on the front neck is a special characteristic that will always be found in patients with thyroid cancer. It usually starts with a smaller lump and then it grows bigger and then it will look bigger when it is not cured immediately.

  1. The Lymph Getting Bigger

Another sign of the thyroid cancer emergence is the lymph that gets bigger. This sign may not be related to thyroid nodule, but you must also pay attention to this sign.


  1. Feeling Pain in the Anterior Neck

This pain may not occur for a long time or continuously. Sometimes, when you sleep at night, you may feel the pain or it may also come when you just wake up from your sleep.

  1. Experiencing Voice Change

Most of the patients with thyroid cancer will experience voice change because the vocal cord is being pressed by the cancer tissue that grows bigger on the thyroid gland.

  1. Weight Gain

Usually, a patient with thyroid cancer may also gain weight when the condition of the thyroid gland is lower than usual.

What are the causal factors of thyroid cancer?

Thyroid cancer is caused by the change of cells in the thyroid gland. Nobody knows why this occurs. All of the cancer types start with the change in the DNA cells. The change in the DNA replication makes the cells uncontrollable that causes tumor growth. A radiation exposure may also be the causal factor of thyroid cancer. Somehow, cancer is not contagious.

How to cure thyroid cancer?

You may be diagnosed with thyroid cancer and your doctor will suggest you conduct some treatments to heal thyroid cancer. Some of the treatments that you may get are surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. You need to get surgery so that the lump is gone and then chemotherapy and radiotherapy are needed to kill the remaining cancer cells.

Well, that is some information that may answer your question if you may want to know what does Thyroid Cancer look like actually. By understanding the sign and the form of thyroid cancer, you may know the best treatments for thyroid cancer.

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