What Does Hospice Do To Cancer Patients: Things You Need To Know About Hospice Care

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When you are a cancer patient and suddenly put in a hospice care, you might feel scared that it could be the sign you only have a certain time left to live. It might be wondering how long will you be in this care and what does hospice do to a cancer patients and what to expect from it?

Well, for that, on this occasion, we would give you some information regarding what hospice do to cancer patients and what things that you need know regarding the treatment.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a type of special palliative cares which provide cancer patients with medical, psychological, and spiritual support when no therapies could control or relieve the cancer symptoms anymore. Although the possibility of cancer can go into a remission is also there, most of the patients who go through this care are those who are in the last stage of cancer.

It’s a care that most focusing on caring instead of curing, trying to make the patient as comfortable as he/she can until the nearest end of her/his life. It’s basically a program to postpone death. Although at the rarest occasion, a patient could get better and stop this care at once.


The Qualifications for Hospice Care

You might get this treatment with some certain conditions, which are:

  • You are in the riskiest stage of cancer and none of the treatments are working on you. The doctor has given up and so do you.
  • Your doctor already verdict your life which likely to be 6 months left or more and tell you to take this care as soon as possible.

Hospice Treatments

Hospice care basically is not focusing only on you. It’s also focusing on your family as well. The treatment basically helps you to cope battling cancer until the very end. This treatment may include:

  • Medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Spiritual therapy
  • Massage
  • Counseling
  • Family bonding
  • Art therapy
  • And the support for the family after the grieving moments if the worst case happens.
  • The Hospice Care Team

While undergoing this care program, you would be surrounded by a group of professional teams that will handle you and your loved ones. This team works to update your care plan both for you and your family. They are very convenient as they are available 24 hours and 7 days a week for the patients. These team members are including the doctor that supervise you, nurses, social workers or counselor that helps you with psychological needs, a bishop or any chaplains for spiritual needs, therapist, dietarian and lastly, a volunteer who can be one of your friends.

Final Thoughts

Hospice care is a treatment you need to undergo, whether you only have some time left or not, any medical treatment that could help you survive a day it’s still worth trying. Always remember that being aware and prepared for the outcomes are better than doing nothing and give up on the condition. Because who knows? Maybe this care might be the key to your recovery. So stay, stay awesome, and keep healthy with positivity ! Thank you for reading, have a good day. Please leave your comment below, to know your opinion on this matter or just share your thoughts, thanks a lot.

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