What Does Breast Cancer Look Like On Mammogram? Recognize it Early!

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What Does Breast Cancer Look Like On Mammogram? In accordance with the statement of one of the health departments in Southeast Asian countries quoting from GLOBOCAN (IARC) data in 2012, that breast cancer is cancer with the highest percentage of new cases (after controlling by age), that is 43.3 percent and percentage deaths from breast cancer by 12.9 percent. For patients, for women aged 40 and older are required to undergo a mammogram every 1 to 2 months.

We really have to concern about our health, since who knows if we have cancer. We can predict it before. Nowadays may be we can be ignore of what we read what people share about how cancer will thread you. But please don’t ignore this one. If you or any family with a history of breast cancer, your doctor may recommend starting a mammogram more early, more often, and adding some other scanning alternatives. Then the question Related What Does Breast Cancer Look Like On Mammogram? I will review some other information.

What Does Breast Cancer Look Like On Mammogram? Procedure of Mammogram

Before answering questions about what breast cancer looks like in a mammogram, I will give you a little information about the mammogram procedure. Basically, a mammogram is a chest x-ray. If the doctor has given you a schedule to do a mammogram regularly to check for any cancer symptoms or other changes, this procedure is called Mammogram Screening.

Depending on the test facility, you may be asked to stand or sit during a mammogram. Your breasts will be affixed to X-ray screens. Then, a compressor will push your breasts down to flatten the network. This will show the obvious image results from your breasts. You may be required (required) to hold your breath every time you shoot. During a mammogram, you will occasionally feel pain or discomfort, even though it lasts not long.

What Does Breast Cancer Look Like On Mammogram? Visible Results

Breast cancer will be seen on a mammogram after the doctor checks the image displayed on the scanner screen and asks the radiologist to take some additional pictures if the existing results appear less clear or require further examination.

The images produced by mammograms can help to identify calcification or accumulation of calcium in your breasts. Calcification is often not a symptom of breast cancer. Mammograms can detect the presence of fluid-filled cysts that are generally lost and arise during menstruation in some women-and other cancer or non-cancerous tumors.

The results of the mammogram are often interpreted through the VI-RADS system (Breast Imaging Reporting and Database System). BI-RADS have 7 categories, ranging from zero to the lowest to 7. These figures explain to the doctor about the need for advanced scans and whether suspected tumors include cancer or non-cancerous tumors.

How, has your question answered about How or What Does Breast Cancer Look Like On Mammogram? Through this article, I reviewed about mammograms and breast cancer provides information for you, ranging from prevention and treatment. Hope this article can be useful and thank you. Stay health!

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