What Does a Cancerous Mole Look Like: Melanoma Cancer and Pictures?

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What Does A Cancerous Mole Look Like? A cancerous mole occurs when abnormal mole grows on the skin and become cancer. This abnormal mole is called dysplastic nevi which have potentially develop to melanoma over the time. Most people have many moles on their skin which can be identified as flat or raised, the surface is smooth, round or oval shape, pink, tan, brown or skin colored, and no larger than a quarter inch across.

If you have different characters of moles, you should discuss it with the doctor perhaps it is a cancerous mole that will form melanoma. It is a type of cancer which begins in melanocytes (cells that make the pigment melanin). This kind of cancer can also start in the eye, the intestine, or the other areas of the body with pigmented tissues. This article will provide some pictures that show What Does a Cancerous Mole Look Like in melanoma skin cancer.

What Does a Cancerous Mole Look Like: Signs Indicate Melanoma

Moles are very common if exist on the skin. But there are some conditions that make it become dangerous if still existed over there. However, changing in shape, color, size, or feel of existing mole are the first sign of melanoma skin cancer. It gives little explanation about What Does a Cancerous Mole Look Like. Below are the signs with pictures that may be shown of mole if it indicates cancer like melanoma skin cancer.

  • Asymmetry: the shape of one half does not match with the other half.
  • The border that is irregular: the edges are often ragged, notches, or blurred in outline. It might get through your skin.
  • The color that is rough into black shades, and brown. The other signs of skin color changing also looked as white spotting, grey, pink, red or blue.
  • Diameter: there is a change in size, usually it is an increase. Melanomas can be tiny, but most are larger than the size of a pea (larger than 6 millimeters or about ΒΌ inch).
  • Evolving: the mole has changed over the past few weeks or months.
  • If you notice the changes of your mole, it is better to get contact with the doctor to discuss its possibility to develop cancer.

Pictures Show What Does a Cancerous Mole Look Like In Melanoma

In this part, some pictures of moles will be showed to lead you to understand more about melanoma. This is also can help as a reference to differentiate which mole is normal and abnormal. But still, the better is talking with the specialized doctor to prevent misunderstanding.


This picture shows that the mole is asymmetry because the shape does not match on each side. You should be careful if you have a mole like this.


In this picture, the mole diameter is more than 10 millimeters wide. This is also asymmetry. If the mole like this on your body and its size changes over the time, it means it is the abnormal mole that you should aware.


This melanoma showed with uneven color and irregular border. This mole is also thick. You have to meet with the doctor soon if you find on your body.


This picture also indicates melanoma with an irregular border that ragged. It is very terrible to see this.

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