What Do Skin Cancer Spots Look Like? The Types of Skin Cancer and Pictures

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What Do Skin Cancer Spots Look Like? Skin cancer occurs when there are abnormal cells growths out of control and multiplies on the skin areas. Those cells can become cancer over the time if there is no preventive action. The higher of the skin cancer stage the more it will be spread to the other vital organs such as brain and bone.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, this typically cancer becomes common in the United States, suffered by 1 in five Americans. What Do Skin Cancer Spots Look Like? Here will be explained more about this topic.

What Do Skin Cancer Spots Look Like based on the Types of Skin Cancer

There are two basic layers of the skin: a dermis (deeper and thicker layer), and the epidermis (the outer layer). A dermis is composed of squamous cells that constantly shed and turn over. The epidermis is also called the basal layer which made from basal cells. There are also called melanocytes cells which produce melanin. It is the pigment that gives skin color. When you get sun damage, these cells will produce more melanin that can cause a tan. The skin cells can create a skin tumor either benign (non-cancerous tumor) or skin cancer. Let’s talk about the types of skin cancer that you should know.

What Do Skin Cancer Spots Look Like? Pay Attention to the Types of Skin Cancer to Understand It

Skin cancer spots look like will depend on their types of skin cancer. Bellows are the types of skin cancer with it pictures that you should know to understand more about What Do Skin Cancer Spots Look Like.

  1. Actinic keratosis—this is also called solar keratosis, the characteristics are red or pink rough patch of skin area. Most of the areas that likely to face this type are the open areas to be contacted with sunlight. The cause of this is UV light exposure. This will become cancer if it is not treated.
  2. Basal cell carcinoma—this type of cancer is common in the head and neck skin. The characteristics are raised, pearly or waxy pink bump. Often have a dimple in the middle. This cancer is slow-growing and rare to spread to the other organs.
  3. Squamous cell carcinoma—this is more aggressive cancer than the second type. The characteristics of squamous cell carcinoma are red, scaly, and rough skin lesions. Usually appears on sun-exposed areas such as hands, head, neck, lips, and ears.
  4. Melanoma—this is the most dangerous of all skin cancer types which related to deaths. The characteristics of melanoma are the mole with the asymmetrical shape, irregular border, uneven color, larger diameter, evolving size and shape, and it appears melanocytes.
  5. Kaposi sarcoma—this type of cancer is usually found in the legs and feet. The characteristics are skin lesions that are brownish-red to blue color. This type of cancer is caused by the type of herpes virus, and also AIDS.

The pictures of the skin cancer types above:

Actinic keratosis


Basal and squamous carcinoma




Kaposi sarcoma


After knowing What Do Skin Cancer Spots Look Like, hopes that at least you can determine which of the dangerous spot and which the common one on your skin. For advice, always use UV protection when you go out doing any activity under the sunlight.

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