What do Cancerous Moles Look Like? Signs and Pictures

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What Do Cancerous Moles Look Like? It is normal when you have moles on your skin. But there still any chance of it turns to be abnormal that means cancerous moles. Normal or non-cancerous moles have characteristics like it may be black, brown, dark brown, or tan. The size is not larger than a quarter inch across and the border is smooth.

There are none of the chances also in those moles in a long time. If you find different characters with those normal moles then you should discuss it with a specialist doctor. That is why it is always important to know the difference between normal and abnormal ones so that you can check yours by comparing its characteristics. What Do Cancerous Moles Look Like? This will be explained in the following part of this article.

Types of Skin Cancer Associated with What Do Cancerous Moles Look Like

Abnormal moles have characteristics as asymmetry, irregular border, and uneven color, diameter larger than 6mm and changing in size or color from its origin. Cancerous moles occur when abnormal cells grow and multiply uncontrollably. It can form a skin cancer that has to be treated soon. There are three types of skin cancer that commonly found. They are squamous cell carcinoma that is the form of skin cancer which developed in outer layers cells of the skin, basal cell carcinoma that is the form of skin cancer which started in basal cell and most treatable, and melanoma skin cancer that is the most aggressive and dangerous skin cancer.

Pictures Showed What Do Cancerous Moles Look Like

Can you differentiate between What Do Cancerous Moles Look Like and non-cancerous ones? If you still confused, bellows will be showing some pictures of cancerous moles and melanoma that you can use to compare with yours.

  • Dark mole


Below is the picture of the very dark mole. Darkening may sign that a mole is cancerous and can form a melanoma. This mole is about a centimeter across.

  • Inflamed mole


The picture below shows that a mole has inflammation area around it. It is about 7 millimeters while the original mole is smaller than that. This can be assign of cancerous mole that can be developed to a melanoma skin cancer.

  • Irregular border of melanoma

As told above that normal moles are usually much rounder with smooth borders. The picture below shows the irregular border of melanoma.


  • Irregular shape and color

Irregular shape and color is the sign of cancerous moles. In the picture below shows that the color is not same at all and also its shape is irregular. This is a very small melanoma with size about 4 or 5 millimeters.

  • Spreading melanoma

The picture shows melanoma which has spread out of it mole. This is very abnormal that you have to be aware.

Now you already know What Do Cancerous Moles Look Like that you can use to check your moles. If you find any of those signs then you should visit a doctor to discuss it especially if it is pain feeling and bleeding. Most of the cancers are treatable if found earlier.


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