What Are Symptoms of Uterine Cancer That Women Should Know?

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What Are Symptoms Of Uterine Cancer? Well to understand the topic, let’s talk about cancer first. In a female, there is called uterus or commonly called womb is the hollow organ which located in the pelvis. It is to support fetal development until birth. However, uterine cancer is abnormal cell that growth in uterine tissue. The cancer cells perhaps become malignant tumor and benign tumor.

The cancer cells that form a mass are called malignant tumor while non-cancer cells that form a mass are named benign tumor. But, this article will be focused on explaining the symptoms of uterine cancer.

What are Symptoms of Uterine Cancer that Women Should Know

Uterine There are no standard tests for uterine cancer screening. But understanding What Are Symptoms of Uterine Cancer will help to detect this disease early. In early detection, the treatment will work better than if it detects in the advanced stage. The common symptom is abnormal vaginal bleeding after menopause. Look to the more details of the symptoms of uterine cancer below.

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding is called abnormal if it comes not during menstruation period. It should be warned for you whether it is uterine cancer or the other diseases.
  • Postmenopausal bleeding. It is not common that women in menopause period have vaginal bleeding. That is why you have to do a medical test if you face this one.
  • Vaginal discharge. Unusual discharge in vaginal area without any visible blood is one of the signs that may refer to uterine cancer.
  • Pain with urination and/or sex. Feeling pain when urinate is abnormal despite doing sex. However, if pain occurs many times without any reason, maybe it is really cancer warning. You should aware of this sign.
  • Pain in the abdomen. Pain in this area usually happens when a woman gets the period. If it happens out of the period then you should be careful.
  • A mass in the vagina. This might be including a lump or growth in the vagina.
  • Pelvic pains. Pelvic is the area where uterus located in female organs. If you feel pain in this area better to get a medical test to get the diagnosis early.
  • Feeling full at all times. This is also the sign that you cannot ignore. Perhaps it is not uterine cancer but it is better to visit doctor earlier.

Advice Due to What Are Symptoms of Uterine Cancer

Several symptoms above are not always signed as uterine cancer. It possibly indicates the other disease in the body. Talking with a specialized doctor is the best way to understand the symptoms. In addition, it is important to know the cause of uterine cancer disease. The exact cause of this disease is actually unknown.

But there is some risk factor that can trigger uterine cancer includes; women with endometrial overgrowth (hyperplasia), obesity, women with no children, menses beginning before age 12, menopause, radiation to the pelvis, estrogen therapy, family history, and Lynch syndrome. Moreover, if you are the woman who has the high risk of uterine cancer, start to set healthy lifestyle will help to reduce the risk factor. Dietary choice and exercise can become your option to do soon.

Hopefully, after understand What Are Symptoms of Uterine Cancer, you will be aware and take preventive action before going serious condition because the cancer treatment is worked better when it detects earlier. That is why don’t wasting your time by just thinking and become afraid of the issue. Come and talk with the doctor.

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