What Are Some Tests for Ovarian Cancer?

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Ovarian cancer is a deadly disease that usually attacks women. There are thousands of women who have died due to this disease. Most of the patients are late to check their ovarian condition and they realize it when it is in stage 3 and 4. An early test for ovarian cancer is necessary so that you can get an early treatment before it spreads out to another organ. You need to go to your doctor and your doctor will test your ovarian condition.

Tests for Ovarian Cancer

How does the ovarian cancer test take place? Before the test, your doctor will ask you about your condition and medical history. Then, the doctor will conduct a physical exam whether there are some symptoms of ovarian cancer or not. Usually, the ovarian cancer is signed by an enlarged ovary and there is also a sign fluid in the abs. Suppose your doctor finds some symptoms ovarian cancer, then your doctor will test your further condition to make sure everything.

Going to Cancer Specialist

Tests For Ovarian Cancer

A pelvic exam is needed to know if you have some symptoms of ovarian cancer and then if the test for ovarian cancer positively suspects that you have this kind of cancer, then you need to visit a specialist or surgeon who is able to handle this cancer on women. They are called as gynecologists who will treat ovarian cancer for women. In this case, your specialist will conduct the best treatment to remove cancer immediately from your ovarian. Hopefully, they can help patients with ovarian cancer live longer.

Getting Image Test

CT or computed tomography scan is the type of imaging test that may be necessary to know the condition of cancer. MRI and USG scan are also good choices to check the ovarian cancer condition. In this case, the tool will help the doctor know the size of cancer whether it already spreads out or it is still small. As soon as possible, your surgeon will take the best action in order to remove the tumor from your ovarian because it will be difficult if the tumor already spreads to other organs.

USG Test

The most popular tool that is usually used for checking ovarian condition is USG or Ultrasonography test. It uses the wave of sound to produce an image in the computer display. This tool is placed on the women abdominal and it is slowly moved to check the ovarian condition. The display of the USG test will not so clear enough but doctor understands it. Once the doctor finds ovarian cancer through the monitor, the doctor will also know the size of the tumor and determines the stage of cancer.  Instead of USG test, there are also many other tests that use different tools such as Barium Enema X-ray test, MRI Scan, Chest X-ray, PET scan, Laparoscopy, Colonoscopy, Biopsy, Blood test, and much more.

Anyway, those are several tests for ovarian cancer that you may not know before. Therefore, when you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it is really important to conduct more test for the details. You can only get the test if only you go to a hospital or visit your doctors and then they will give the best treatment to you.

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