Tijuana Cancer Clinic: Is It A Yay Or A Nay?

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As one of the most dangerous diseases, cancer is a nightmare for everyone. It is a deadly disease that is hard to cure especially if you are in the advanced stage of the disease. Many regular clinics and hospitals only offer you the usual treatment such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, but if you are in the last stage of cancer and weak, sometimes, those kinds of therapy wouldn’t do much.

This kind of condition leads many patients to search for an alternative treatment and believe it or not, in Mexico, especially Tijuana, there are many clinics that offer a variety of unorthodox therapies. But does this clinic approved by the conventional medical organization? No worries! Today we will have insight regarding Tijuana Cancer clinic and their practices.

What is Tijuana Cancer Clinic?

Tijuana is a city or town that is the centre of unorthodox cancer treatment clinics. There are over 60 hospitals, clinics, and some kind of offices, offering a cure or traditional method to treat cancer. Some of them offer treatment such as electrical therapy and detoxification. Some of them even claim to make a vaccine for cancer. The reason why there are so many clinics in Tijuana for cancer is that the methods that are used in these clinics are discouraged and looked down upon by the conventional medical science. Mexico is a nice place to start a practice with no regulators around, that’s why most of those clinics build in Tijuana.


The cost and relevancy

Many people that come to Tijuana paid £20,000 and more for the treatments that Tijuana cancer clinic offer to them. Most of the treatments, of course, promise lots of improvement and stability but according to some oncologists in guardian’s article about Tijuana cancer clinic, everything that Tijuana cancer clinics offer is simply a shameless quackery. There’s no official statement regarding if their medical method is legal and safe to try, and mostly, there are no regulators that keeping these clinics in check.

One of the heads of clinical programmes at Cancer Research UK, Richard Sullivan said that the problem in proving the practice of the clinic in Tijuana is illegal and unsafe are quite hard because until now there is no claim and proof about these clinics doing some harmful treatments. Richard also adds that the Tijuana clinics are deceitful and a disgrace to the medical world.

In the same time, we can’t blame those people who come to try this unorthodox method when some of them are given some time left to lives or worse in a condition when the doctor has given up on them and they only suggest chemotherapy and spiritual treatment for them. They need hope and they see this hope in a picture of Tijuana cancer clinic which is still questionable about its relevancy in the medical world.

Final Thoughts

Is Tijuana cancer clinic a yay or nay? The answer is probably nay. If we see how many medical organizations and how sensitive the cancer research organization to this, it might be true that those clinics in Tijuana are unregistered and illegal, to begin with. With lots of unproven methods and expensive cost to pay, those clinics might rob you off without any improvement at all. So make sure to do some research first if you ever want to try to go to Tijuana.

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