The Survival Rates Of Uterine Cancer: The Stages And Its Relevancy

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Knowing the stage of your cancer will give you some better understanding of the condition of your disease. Usually with cancer (any types of it) you are given the time of 5 years survival rates. Although this is up to how you are coping with the treatments, but this is the standard survival rates. The same thing goes for uterine cancer as well. This disease that only happens to female population is also using this 5 years survival rates of uterine Cancer standard. But what is the stage of this process? Today we are going to tell you some of those stages as well as survival percentages.

5 Years Survival Rates

Given by the time of the survival rates, this must be quite a fright to know that you only have five years left. But despite the number that some of expert in medical tell you, this could change, and maybe even longer than 5 years. Basically, these 5 years survival rates are only a prediction. This prediction usually doesn’t apply to those patients who are on the early stage of cancer but this is do applied to those who have cancer for long. Almost 70% people who diagnosed with this survival rates live longer than the pre-predictions. It is really up to how you are coping up with the condition and how bad your situation is. So basically, it doesn’t define your life’s time.

The stages

The survival rates of uterine cancer are basically based on the outcomes of the many patients that had through the treatments. As it mentioned before, the five years survival rates doesn’t define your last diagnosed. It is basically a prediction and thus there is still hope in surviving this disease.

Uterine cancer itself has many treatments that could be improve the rates of your survival through this disease. The early you found this, the better you will get.

There are 5 stages in uterine cancer, each stages hold different survival rates.

The first one is stage 0 which is also known as carcinoma in-situ. This stage is when the cancer spread to the layer of endometrium and can be considered as the tamed stage. The survival of this stage is basically 90%.

The Survival Rates of Uterine Cancer

The second stage is stage I when the cancer is growing to the uterus. It may also spread to cervix but it hasn’t reach the lymph nodes, it is divided into two sub stages of stage IA and IB and the survival rates of this stage is 80% and 75%.

The third one is stage II when the cancer spread into the cervix area called cervix stroma. It hasn’t spread onto the outside of uterus. The survival rates for this is 69%.

The fourth stage is stage III when the cancer finally spread outside uterus area. It has three sub stages and the survival rates for these go down to 58%, 50% and 40%.

The last stage is stage IV or the most crucial stage, when the cancer has spread to the urinary bladder and probably to other parts of the body. It has 2 sub stages with survival rates of 15% and 14%.

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Final thoughts

Once again, the survival rates of uterine cancer might be changed with the developing of the medical treatments over the year and of course with the condition of the patients. If you take treat the disease early, your survival rates would be much higher than those who found it late. That is why staying cautious with your health might be a good riddance to stay healthy and strong.

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