The Danger of Asbestos and What You Should Know about Asbestos Testing Sacramento Company

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By now, everyone knows the danger asbestos poses. Hiring an asbestos testing Sacramento area company is your best option when it comes to testing for asbestos presence. Before you hire one, there are things you should know first. Namely, the danger of asbestos, the process and the cost of hiring a testing company. Let’s start with the danger of asbestos.

The Danger of Asbestos

In the U.S., the use of asbestos is limited although not banned. That said, materials containing asbestos do pose a danger. The reason behind this is because before the 1970s asbestos was common building materials used in buildings, from houses, schools to military facilities.

The presence of asbestos does not necessarily mean you are in danger. Asbestos is only dangerous if it is disturbed and/or no longer intact. To know if your house has asbestos in it, testing is required. Testing asbestos content is useful in regard to helping you decide whether or not asbestos should be removed if there is any. And this should be done by professional for safety and accuracy reasons. Remember, asbestos needs to be handled properly to minimize unwanted risk it possesses.


The danger of asbestos lies in its fibers. The fibers of asbestos, if inhaled, can result in many serious health problems. For example, asbestosis, mesothelioma and even lung cancer. These health problems do not occur immediately. Rather, they show up years later. Of course, we believe you don’t want to take this risk. This is why testing for any asbestos presence and have an asbestos testing Sacramento company do the testing is important.

Process and Cost

When you hire an asbestos testing Sacramento company, you will have your house inspected by professionals. There are several methods to detect any asbestos presence. One is on-site sampling. This method cost around $250 to $750. There is also on-site air testing. On-site air testing is done to detect asbestos particles in the air. This costs around $300 to $1200. Both of these methods are not only very efficient, they are accurate as well.

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In case there is any asbestos presence in your house, a further testing may be required. A further testing can cost between $400 and $800. As you can see, these testing can be expensive. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact number of total costs you will need to pay. After all, one house’s situation with another is different. Moreover, the costs do vary between one asbestos testing Sacramento company to another. The numbers mentioned are merely estimations, so don’t be discouraged.


Final Thoughts

Let’s say there is an asbestos presence in your house. Should asbestos be removed from your house? The answer entirely depends on the test result as well as the condition of the asbestos. You may want to consult with the company you hire. A good company will gladly give you advice on how to assess your situation.

Asbestos testing can be expensive. However, this should not discourage you from doing it. By testing the asbestos presence in your house, you can manage your situation better. You can prevent unwanted problems caused by asbestos as well. The testing may be expensive, but it is a price worth paying to ensure the safety of your family.



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