Synovial Sarcoma Cancer Symptoms and the Cause

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Did you know what Synovial Sarcoma Cancer is? It is the rare cancer in the softest tissue such as nerve, fat, muscle and blood vessel. Only about one to three from a million people receive a diagnosis of this disease each year. This disease can come to anyone especially for adolescents and young adult.

The growth is faster and it is very easy to metastasize throughout the other organs in the body. Moreover, synovial sarcoma is commonly appeared in the lower part of the body such as legs but also can appear in the other part of the body like head, neck, and arm. Let’s learn about the symptoms and the cause of this disease below.

The Symptoms of Synovial Sarcoma Cancer That Usually Appear

The symptoms of Synovial Sarcoma Cancer can vary depends on the stage when it is diagnosed. Most of the patients don’t meet the symptoms of this cancer in the early stage. That is why this disease often diagnosed when it has the bigger size of the tumor and has spread to several organs whereas the early treatment is closer to successful result than if it is found in later. You should aware this thing. Taking the medical test in the proper hospital will help you to know either positive or negative of synovial sarcoma. Bellows are the common symptoms that usually appear before you are diagnosed with this typical cancer:

  • Swelling which occurs in the soft tissue under the skin
  • Numbness, this is common if cancer affect muscle of the body and result from numbness
  • Pain, this also will occur especially if a tumor is pressing on a nerve
  • Limited range of motion in the arm or leg, however, this disease will limit the movements of the body if it is pressing the closed nerve
  • A lump that you can see and feel
  • A mass in your neck that affects breathing or voice changes
  • Shortness of breath that caused by sarcoma in lungs
  • The thigh near the knee as the most common site of origin

What is the Cause of Synovial Sarcoma Cancer?

The cause of Synovial Sarcoma Cancer is still confusing because this disease is very rare to happen. The research shows that genetic changes have the correlation to the development of synovial sarcoma. These genetic are chromosome X and chromosome 18 switch places. But what makes this change is still unknown. It is known as the somatic mutation which means that the mutation is not hereditary. Pay attention to the risk factor that may lead to this typical cancer:

  • Having certain inherited conditions such as Li—Fraumeni syndrome or neurofibromatosis type 1
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Exposure to chemical carcinogens
  • Teens and young adults age

Synovial Sarcoma Cancer can happen to anyone but the most common is young adults. That is why it is very important to get the test like scan and biopsy due to clear diagnosis if you meet with criteria above both the symptoms and risk factors. The specialist doctor will give you advice about the next step and what the treatment that is suitable for this disease.


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