What are the Symptoms of Stage 3 Liver Cancer?

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Liver cancer is a kind of tumor that is found in the liver organ. In the USA, there are approximately 500000 cases of liver cancer which have killed many men and women. This cancer is not easily diagnosed and it usually looks normal when being checked by USG. However, liver cancer will be noticed at the advanced stage. Stage 3 liver cancer can be a dangerous condition that needs serious treatment and sometimes there is no possibility to cure the disease.

Stage 3 Liver Cancer Signs

Stage 3 Liver Cancer

Liver cancer becomes one of the most deadly diseases and it has killed thousands of people. It is really important to do early screening because when you suffer from this disease, you will only survive for a few years.  Somehow, you also need to know the signs of liver cancer when it attacks you. Here are some of the symptoms:

–    Pain in the abs

–    Unexplained Weight Loss

–    Loss of Appetite

–    Fever

–    Nausea

–    Fatigue

–    Suffer from Jaundice

–    Itchy skin

–    Confusion, insomnia, and irritability.

–    Dark urine

–    The accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity or Ascites

The Stages of Liver Cancer

The stage of liver cancer is determined by some factors such as the tumor size, cancer location, the cancer growth, and others. In general, liver cancer has four stages. Stage 3 liver cancer can be a dangerous stage before it goes to the last stage. Anyway, here are some stages when someone gets a liver cancer.

Stage 1: In this first stage, the size of the tumor is about 2 cm and it may only occur in one location and it can be removed easily.

Stage 2: The stage 2 liver cancer does not spread yet to lymph gland and there may be one or two 2 cm tumors that may occur in the liver. There is still a chance to remove the liver cancer from the liver through surgery.

Stage 3: The Stage 3 liver cancer is called as the advanced stage and it is also divided into two parts; they are the emergence of single or more tumors and one tumor that influence the blood vessel. The tumor may have a bigger size on the lymph gland and it also gives a big impact on the closest blood vessels.

Stage 4: The stage 4 liver cancer is the most extremely dangerous condition and it becomes the worst stage. In this stage, the tumor or cancer spreads to the liver and then attacks the lymph gland, peritoneum, other organs, and blood vessels. In the last stage, the liver cancer attacks the furthest location. There is no chance to treat the stage 4 liver cancer, but a patient can only reduce the pain because the liver cancer spreads to the entire organs.

Well, that’s all about brief information related to stage 3 liver cancer and the last stage that may be deadly. Somehow, it is a better idea to prevent the disease from coming by following a healthy lifestyle. In this case, you must not consume alcohol, no cigarette, and you have to drink a lot of mineral water.

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