Stage III Of Prostate Cancer: Treatments and What To Expect

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Prostate cancer is one of many types of cancer that is dangerous and fear by many. Affecting only men, this disease can affect your sexual reproduction as well as spreading to the other organs, making the cancer cells living throughout your body. With 4 stages to be alarmed when having a prostate cancer, the third stage is the most critical stage as the cancers have grown on the outside of the prostate. There are many treatments you need to do when are in this stage, and in this article we will give you some recap about the treatments and the things you need to look out when you are in Stage III of Prostate cancer.

The Treatments

When you are in the stage III of Prostate cancer, the cancers have probably grown outside the prostate but have not reach the bladder yet. This kind of stage is usually fragile and has the higher chance of having the cancer re-occurred again after some treatment. Although, that kind of possibility can be considered by some factors such as age, your health and physical stamina, and other things, it would be better to still treat the cancer to avoid the worse situation which is the stage IV.

There are many treatments you can do when you are in stage III of prostate cancer, one of it is Radical Prostatectomy. Radical Prostatectomy is a treatment which involves a surgery to remove prostate gland and some small tissue. This surgery however is not recommended for those who have the cancer spread beyond the prostate.

The second one is radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is a treatment using high powered x-ray to kill the cancer cells in your body. The treatment is consisting of brachy therapy that is combined with EBRT. By doing this treatment it will improve your survival throughout the disease. It’s also slowing the spreading of the cancer cells as well.

Stage III Of Prostate Cancer Treatments and What To Expect

The third treatment you can do is Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) or also known as hormone therapy. This therapy is done to prevent the cancer growth in your prostate and basically affect the growth of the cancer cells.

The fourth treatment is Combined Modality Therapy. Combined modality therapy is the combination of many treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and hormone therapy into a single therapy with higher success rate.

How to improve the treatment and what to expect

Third stage of prostate cancer is not a safe zone at all, in fact if you are not doing the treatment well, the cancer might be failed to be removed. Worst case, you might even get the cancer again even after the removal. It is suggested to have a systemic treatment which including chemotherapy, ADT and EBRT treatment for 6-7 weeks. One of the statement in texasoncology’s article said that by doing chemotherapy, it might reduce the amount of detectable prostate cancer and improve the survival in patient with stage III Prostate cancer. Other than that, your physical and mental health is also a huge factor to your recovery. So be sure to always stay positive and do your treatment.


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