Stage 3C Breast Cancer Best Treatments

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Breast cancer is a deadly disease that attacks women. Breast cancer may still be cured if it is still in the first stage, but there is a small chance when it finally goes to the stage 3 and four. Stage 3C breast cancer is the dangerous stage that will be difficult to cure because it is about to reach the stage 4. How is the condition of Stage 3C in patients with breast cancer?

Stage 3C Breast Cancer Condition

During this stage, cancer has attacked the entire parts of the breast and it is really close to lymph nodes. This area commonly has a lot of cancer cells where cancer will develop and reach the breast skin area or the chest wall. In this case, doctors need to take some combinations of treatments so that it will work well. In this case, you are recommended to visit your doctor regularly when you get breast cancer with the stage 3. What are the best treatments for stage 3C breast cancer?

Stage 3C Breast Cancer

Stage 3C Breast Cancer Treatment

Most of the patients with cancer will take chemotherapy as the common treatment to kill cancer cells. In this case, patients with breast cancer stage 3C need to get chemotherapy before the surgery process. This effort will help surgeons remove cancer easily. Chemotherapy may also be done after the surgery in order to kill the remaining cancer cells. Usually, where there is no chance to get surgery, chemotherapy is always the best choice. Your doctors will give some medicines that you can consume or they may inject it into your body.

Another option for stage 3c breast cancer treatment is surgery. Surgery is the best choice when there is no chance to get rid of cancer cells with chemotherapy. It is called as Lumpectomy where your doctor will get rid of cancer around the tissue manually. In some cases, mastectomy is the only choice where your breasts will also be removed totally. Once the surgery is done, you may be given chemotherapy to get rid of the remaining cancer cells. If it is possible, your doctor will suggest you get breast reconstruction in order to form your breast again.

The next procedure of breast cancer treatment for stage 3c is hormone therapy. In this case, cancer needs a hormone to grow up, so doctors will give some medication in order to block the hormone distribution to the cancer cell until the cell cannot grow again. There are so many medicines that patients with breast cancer may consume to block the hormone such as exemestane, tamoxifen, and much more.

Radiation therapy uses heat energy to get rid of the remaining cancer cell in the breast after the surgery. This is usually done along with the chemotherapy so that all of the cancer cells will be removed effectively.

Well, those are several treatments for stage 3C breast cancer that you need know. So, you need to visit your doctor before the cancer is killing you. The doctor will reduce the risk of breast cancer before it reaches the stage 4 that may be deadly.

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