What Are Signs Of Lung Cancer?

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Lung cancer occurs because of cell mutation in the lung which is caused by several factors. There are so many factors why someone may get lung cancer. One of the significant factors is due to smoke. If you like smoking, you may get lung cancer. Not only that, factory smoke, asbestos, and dust can also cause lung cancer. What are the signs of lung cancer? There are several symptoms of lung cancer that you really need know.

What are Signs of lung cancer?

Nobody knows if they are suffering from lung cancer because it is still small. Most of the lung cancer diseases do not give any significant symptoms in patient’s body. But, there are still some signs that may be suspected of lung cancer.

Chronic Cough

A chronic cough will occur more than two weeks and it may be dry with phlegm. However, this condition is not always the sign of lung cancer and you need to get a medical checkup to diagnose whether it is lung cancer or not. Your doctor will conduct several tests to know if it is lung cancer by X-ray image test, physical test, and others.

What Are The Signs Of Lung Cancer

Bleeding Cough

Usually, someone who is diagnosed with lung cancer will get bleeding cough. In this case, cancer may attack the alveolus. This is a tiny wall in the lung that is surrounded by blood vessels. It has a function for oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in the lung. When there is cancer in the lung, this blood vessel will be broken. Somehow, you still need to get a medical checkup to make sure that it is lung cancer or just other diseases such as bronchitis or tuberculosis.

Weight Loss

A patient with lung cancer will get metabolism increase due to the cancer cells growth. These cells need the energy to grow and they will use energy from the patient so the patient will lose weight significantly despite he or she does not exercise or when he or she likes eating but there is no weight gain. This condition may be accompanied by bleeding cough or a chronic cough.


When you suffer from lung cancer, you may get tired easily because of the metabolism increase in your body. However, this condition is not always the sign of lung cancer. Suppose you are diagnosed with lung cancer, you must not reduce nutrient intake to your body because cancer will take energy from your body and make you tired.

Out of Breath

You inhale and exhale with your lung, but when there are some cancer cells that grow in your lung, it will cause out of breath. Sometimes, you have no idea why you experience out of breath until you go to your doctor for a checkup and there is a malignant lung cancer that grows bigger. In the early stage of lung cancer, this condition may not occur. It usually occurs when cancer reaches the stage 3 and 4.

Anyway, what are the signs of lung cancer? Now, you know that lung cancer is dangerous and you may notice it by pay attention to those symptoms. Somehow, those symptoms or signs do not always belong to lung cancer. That’s why you need to get an immediate medical checkup so that you know what it is.


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