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Stadium is a term used to describe the size of cancer: the extent to which cancer has spread

Stages of Breast Cancer Pictures to describe the condition of cancer you need to know to what extent cancer and how far cancer affect other organs. Well, breast cancer will you know how far the danger of this disease for the body.

The doctors use the test before it is complete or is done to see the effect of breast cancer. Thus, the stage of cancer cannot be determined if the tests are roughly completed or complete. By knowing the stadium, this step will help doctors determine what treatment is suitable for patients suffering from breast cancer. Look at these Stages Of Breast Cancer Pictures!

Steps To Know Stage of Breast Cancer with Pictures

In the paragraph (in the form of bullet points) next, I will include a picture of stage stages in breast cancer. In describing breast cancer, doctors use the TNM system, a system that uses three criteria to determine the stage of breast cancer. The steps are as follows.


  • Analyze the tumor. Approximately how big the size of the tumor and its location.
  • Knowing the lymph nodes around the tumor: whether the tumor has spread to the surrounding lymph nodes.
  • Knowing about the possibility of tumor roughly spread to other organs (Metastasis).

Stage Levels of Breast Cancer

After knowing the steps that doctors do on breast cancer, let’s move to the stage of breast cancer. The stages consist of:

  1. Stage 0: referred to as Ductal Carcinoma in Situ or Noninvasive Cancer does not spread out from the vessels or ducts of the breast and milk glands (lobules) in the breast.
  2. Stage 1: the tumor looks very small and is not spread, and there is no point on the lymph nodes.

stages-of-breast-cancer-pictures-34. Stage IIa: The patient will have a tumor diameter of less than or equal to 2 centimeters and have been found in the lymph nodes in the axillary lymph nodes. Likewise, the diameter of the tumor will be greater than 2 centimeters, but not more than 5 centimeters, and has not spread to the lymph nodes in the axillary lymph nodes. Then there were no signs of tumor in the breast but found at the points in the axillary lymph node.


5. Stage IIb: At this stage, the patient will have an enlarged tumor diameter that is wider than 2 centimeters, but not more than 5 centimeters, while the lymph nodes in the armpits begin to spread. Then, the diameter of the tumor will be greater than 5 centimeters but has not spread yet.

stages-of-breast-cancer-pictures-56. Stage IIIa: Patient will experience conditions of tumor diameter smaller than 5 centimeters, but has spread point on the lymph in the armpit. Then the diameter of the tumor will grow more than 5 centimeters and has spread to the point on the armpit lymph node.

stages-of-breast-cancer-pictures-67. Stage IIIb: tumors that have spread to the chest wall will cause swelling and can cause festering wounds in the breast. The doctor will diagnose the patient as Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This may or may not have spread to a point in the lymph nodes in the armpits and upper arms, but does not spread to other parts of the body’s organs.

stages-of-breast-cancer-pictures-78. Stage IIIc: does not vary much from stage IIIb, but at this stage it has spread to the point of the lymph node in group N3 (Cancer has spread more than 10 points in the lymph nodes under the collarbone).

9. Stage IV: the patient will experience a tumor size can be unpredictable but has spread to distant locations in the patient’s body, such as liver, bone, lungs, and ribs.

stages-of-breast-cancer-pictures-810. Grade for patients who want to know the cancer grade, please give sample-sample biopsy results to be studied under a microscope. A grade of breast cancer is determined by cancer cell shape and cancer behavior compared to normal cells.

After studying, it will be helpful to the team of doctors to estimate how quickly the cancer cells develop. Hopefully, the information along with the staging stage images on breast cancer provide the answer you’ve been expecting for a long time. Through knowing much about these Stages of Breast Cancer Pictures, please make your people closest to you may be prevented or saved from the dangers of breast cancer.


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