Recognize Secondary Tumors That Potentially Become Brain Cancer

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Brain cancer is a malignant brain tumor and can spread very rapidly to some other body parts, such as from the brain to the spine

Causes of Brain Cancer we need to know is not all brain tumors have malignant properties and can be categorized as cancer. There is also a benign tumor. A benign brain tumor is a group of brain cells that grow slowly and unable to spread to other body parts.

Some types of brain cancer are often named after the location of cancer, such as Chordomas originating from the nerve base of the skull, Meningioma originating from the membrane of the brain cover, Osteomal originating from the skull bone, Pinealomas of the pineal gland, Adenoma Pituitary of the pituitary gland, and Schwannomas from nerve wrapping cells. After knowing the type, you need to be wary of meningioma that can potentially become a malignant brain cancer. Well, some causes of brain cancer I will review in the next paragraph.

Secondary Tumors Potentially Causes Of Brain Cancer

Basically, a brain tumor is a symptom of unnatural and uncontrolled growth of brain cells in the human brain, the tumor will develop from the cells that make up the brain tissue from the nerves going in and out of the brain, and from the protective membranes of the brain and spinal cord (meninges).

According to the origin, you need to know if the brain tumor is divided into two, namely primary and secondary. The primary tumor is a tumor that appears in the brain, whereas in secondary brain tumors are tumors derived from other body parts caused by spreading. Often cases of brain cancer in the world is a type of secondary brain cancer: cancer that originated from other organs then spread to the brain.

When viewed from the level of development, growth rate, and spread, the malignancy of brain tumors is divided into 4 levels, namely stage 1 and two are generally benign, then stage 3 and 4 which has a malignant nature and is called cancer. On this occasion, I will review the causes of brain cancer that you need to be aware of. Let’s look together.

Factors That Cause Brain Cancer

In this section, I will describe the factors that cause and have the potential to increase the risk of contracting brain cancer.

  • Heredity: if you have family members diagnosed with brain tumors, check with your doctor immediately because you also have potentially infected.
  • Radiotherapy: when the brain is exposed to radiation while undergoing radiotherapy, it is likely to have a brain tumor risk.
  • Exposure to chemicals, such as formaldehyde.
  • HIV viral infection.
  • Smoking, although not fully proven despite the indication of lung cancer will spread to the brain (cancer cell metastasis).
  • Exposure to toxins in your neighborhood.
  • The link between radio frequency use of the device (smartphone) and brain tumor is not yet known.

The energy of the radio frequency is capable of generating heat which then increases the user’s body temperature and will damage the exposed cell tissues of the body. Then research on radiation frequency linkage and smartphone users concluded that too low to produce the effect of brain cancer.

In addition to the above points, another cause of brain cancer is your medical history. If you have had breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma will have an impact or spread of cancer before. It can also change the ‘blueprint’ inside your body known as a genetic mutation (DNA). So that a cell that naturally dies and is replaced by a new cell, instead persists and replicates uncontrollably in certain parts of your brain then causes of brain cancer.

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