Reasons to Wear Colon Cancer Awareness Products

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Do you want to increase the awareness of colon cancer? Colon cancer is deadly cancer. Yet, it is highly preventable. A way to save our loved ones and other people from this cancer is by getting screened. Many people, however, are not aware of this. Wearing colon cancer awareness products can help raising awareness of this.

March was dedicated to National Colon Cancer Awareness Month back in February 2000 by President Clinton. Since then, March has grown into a rallying point for colon cancer community. During this time, thousands of people, from patients, caregivers, survivors to advocates throughout the United States join together to increase colon cancer awareness by wearing blue items, holding education and fundraising events as well as talking with family and friends about screening.

If you haven’t already, there are many ways to increase colon cancer awareness. A dark blue ribbon can help bring awareness to colon cancer. You can support patients, survivor and colon cancer awareness with colon cancer awareness products, too.


Examples of the Products

Other than dark blue ribbon, are there other products? Of course. There are many colon cancer awareness products. Some examples are ribbons that we have already mentioned earlier, bracelets, shirts, pins, jewelry, gifts and even tattoos. You can find these products from fundraisers, event giveaways or benefits. Organization such as Colon Cancer Alliance also has these kinds of products.

Should you wear colon cancer awareness products?

Yes, you should. In fact, there are many reasons why you should wear colon cancer awareness products. The following are some reasons why.

  • Honoring and remembering loved ones

Many, many people have been in the fight for their life due to colon cancer. By wearing colon cancer awareness products, we not only honor their journey but also celebrate their strength.

  • Motivating people to get screened

Colon cancer is deadly yet highly preventable. This is why screening can save life. By wearing colon cancer awareness products, we can help to raise awareness for others to get screened. The more people get screened, the better it will be.

  • Celebrating how far colon cancer awareness has become

National Colon Cancer Awareness Month was once a concept. In fact, not long ago it was a concept. Today, the situation is very different. Now, it is a celebrated nationwide movement. Wearing awareness products is a way to celebrate how far the movement has become.

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Colon Cancer Alliance’s Bracelet

Made by Pura Vida Bracelets, Colon Cancer Alliance’s Bracelet is a beautiful bracelet. It is 100% bracelet, coated with wax, with copper “P” charm coated with iron. The bracelet is adjustable, from 2 to 5 inches in diameter. If you want a good looking bracelet and increase the awareness for colon cancer at the same time, this bracelet will be perfect for you.

Moreover, by purchasing this bracelet, not only you get a beautiful bracelet, you also help Colon Cancer Alliance’s mission since 10% of the net profit will be donated to them. Their mission is to stop colon cancer as top three cancer killers. Colon Cancer Alliance tries to achieve this mission by increasing the awareness of the colon cancer, funding research as well as providing patient support services with the highest quality.



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