Pictures Of Oral Cancer: Understanding Disease by Pictures

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Pictures of oral cancer is a cancer grow on your mouth. Oral or mouth cancer is a tumor growing in the oral cavity, pharynx or throat that may become cancer. It occurs when abnormal cells are growing out of control to become a mass or tumor. The squamous cell causes cancer in the mouth that is carcinogenic. Mostly it appears in tongue and lips but sometimes it can appear in cheeks, gums, and palates.

The spreading of this disease is pretty quick to the other organs of the body if there is no proper treatment. This typically disease is often more dangerous than the other kind of diseases because the symptoms don’t appear until it getting worst. Here will be shown some pictures of oral cancer that leads you to understand more about this disease.

The Symptoms and Pictures of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is often slow in showing its symptoms. The symptoms may occur when the stage is going to be higher. However, this will become very confusing to us. By the times it is growing the treatment will be harder to cure this disease. Recognize some symptoms above with its pictures to make you easier in differentiating cancer with the non-cancerous disease.

  • A shallow ulcer. If you find this kind of ulcer-like in the picture, it may a sign of oral cancer.


  • A speckled ulcer. This ulcer is found on the inside of the cheek like the picture showed.



  • Tongue cancer. This looks very abnormal with the small hole on the side of the tongue. Either it is pain or not, it is still dangerous that you have to be aware.


  • A red patch under the tongue. The picture showed a red patch underneath the tongue. If you find this symptom, please get contact with the doctor soon.


Understanding the Causal Factor Refers to the Pictures of Oral Cancer Above

The pictures of oral cancer above determine the symptoms of this disease. You should be aware of the factor that causes oral cancer due to reducing the risk that you have. In fact, it is still unknown what the exact cause cells in the oral cavity get mutation and become cancer. The research only found that there are some risk factors that lead to this disease such as:

  • Tobacco used. People who like to use tobacco like cigars, pipe, and tobacco chewing for a long time will increase the risk to get oral cancer
  • Using snuff or dip. People who use snuff or dip constantly will easy to develop cancer in mouth like gums, cheek and lips
  • Alcoholic. Drinking alcohol will increase the risk of facing oral cancer
  • HPV virus. This is still rare, but this virus can cause squamous cell cancer includes oral cavity
  • Sunlight exposure. Overexposure to the sunlight can cause damage in mouth areas that can be developed to be oral cancer.

Pictures of oral cancer above hopefully can give you knowledge about this disease. It can help to increase awareness and get preventive action earlier. In short, if you meet with the abnormal look in your mouth either like in the pictures or not it is better to visit the doctor soon. As advice, stop smoking and doing medical checkup routines are the two ways to prevent oral cancer.



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