Pancreatic Cancer Survivors and Survivorship

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Cancer is not a death sentence. There are people who survived cancer, including pancreatic cancer. The individual who has a history of cancer is commonly known as a cancer survivor. In this article, we will talk about pancreatic cancer survivors and survivorship.

Survivors and Survivorship

Who are pancreatic cancer survivors? A cancer survivor is a term commonly used to refer an individual who has a history of cancer. In this case, pancreatic cancer.  That is what cancer survivor is. What about survivorship? Survivorship has a different meaning to different people. The two most common are

  1. No longer experience signs of cancer after treatment is finished
  2. Living with, through and beyond cancer


It is indeed one of the most complex parts of having cancer. The reason?Because no one has the same experience. Survivors experience different emotions. They can feel depressed, joy, fear, guilt, and concern. Some of them even appreciate their life even more due to their condition.

Each and every survivor has their own concerns and problems. As with any problem, the first step to cope with it to recognize it, then, talk about and face it. Now, the question is this: If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, what can you do to cope with it?


Coping with Pancreatic Cancer: What You Can Do about It

You have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. What can you do to cope with it? There are several things you can do. You need to be informed about your condition, create a support system and most importantly, taking care of yourself.

  • Be Informed

First and foremost, be informed. What does this mean? This means that you need to know about pancreatic cancer. Ask your doctor. Ask them to explain what the cancer is and what can it do to your body. Ask how you can manage the symptoms. You need to know what kind of treatments is available for you.

  • Create a Support System

There are many emotions when someone has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Disbelief, devastation, and anger are common. There will be psychological stress. Don’t be discouraged, though. As with another type of cancers survivors, pancreatic cancer survivors need to create a support system. How can you do it? By talking to your family. Be it your spouse, parents, sibling or even your children. You should communicate your anxiety and concern. This will help you deal with the psychological stress that comes with cancer.

  • Taking Care of Yourself

This is the most important thing to keep in mind for pancreatic cancer survivors. This type of cancer may affect your diet. You need to watch carefully what you eat. To help you do this, you can consult a dietitian and have them create dietary arrangements for you. Also, be active. Exercising can help you fight pancreatic cancer. If you exercise, you will have better sleep, decreased psychological stress and even manage fatigue caused by pancreatic cancer.

These are things you can do to cope with pancreatic cancer. Many pancreatic cancer survivors do them. If you have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, don’t be panic. You can do the things mentioned above. We hope this article helps.


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