Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Stories from Operable Case Jan and Mick

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Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Stories from Jan and Mick might surprise you! Pancreatic is an organ that located in the lower part of the stomach. It is one of the important organs in the body that has the function to release enzymes and hormones. Those enzymes and hormones are needed for aiding digestion and managing blood sugar. That is why some of the people who suffer diabetes are likely to duffer pancreatic cancer also.

Cancer in pancreatic occurs when abnormal cells growing out of control on the pancreas tissues. In the United States, this disease includes the fourth of leading cause of death both men and women. There are many Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Stories around the world that will be showed in the following paragraph.

Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Stories which Have Operable Cancer

When someone gets the pancreatic diagnosis, the first common thing he will think is feeling fear and alone. By knowing the stories from others with the same disease can increase hope of it a survivor. Look at to the following stories from the patients with operable experiences who diagnosed in time with surgery for pancreatic cancer.

  • The story from Jan

Jan was diagnosed with operable pancreatic cancer in March 2012. She got that cancer even though she didn’t include in the category that causes pancreatic cancer. She didn’t smoke, have no diabetes, there are no relatives that have the history of pancreatic cancer, and she was not morbidly obese. She believed to the one alternative theory that may develop her disease, may be stress related. She told that she had a very stressful for over ten years due to matters beyond control. In that time she didn’t realize the symptoms that came many times but not really significant. After a long time getting unwell because of the symptoms she decided to do medical tests like CT scan and MRI. In that time she knew that she had malignant tumor and then became pancreatic cancer at the time it was growing. She was advised to get surgery before the tumor metastasizes to the other organs but she was not yet given any decision either undergoing the treatment or not.

  • The story from Mick

Mick was diagnosed with pancreas cancer in September 1999 when he was 57 years old. After getting the symptoms like feeling unwell and looking yellow he had the scan that showed his bile duct was constricted by a tumor and it was pancreatic cancer. The doctor said that he was inoperable and had about four months to live. But his wife refused to accept that and decided to do medical tests in the Royal London. In early January 2000, he did operate and spend four weeks in the hospital then went home and able to return part-time working at May. He was closely monitored by the doctor for two or three years, then every six months, then annually. Because the tumor was out he didn’t undergo chemo. He returned 67 years old when he shared this story with very active and feel good.

The Benefits of Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Stories

Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Stories like showed above can give effect to the survivors. As we know that the person who gets cancer diagnosis will face a new step of life that never felt before. Becoming cancer patient is not easy especially for a psychological side.  It can result from stress or even depression. Here are the benefits that you can get from the stories of pancreatic cancer survivors.

  • It can support patients with cancer
  • Won’t feel alone anymore
  • Found inspiration from the story of the other
  • Decrease fear and anxiety from getting treatment

That’s all the benefits that you can get from Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Stories. Knowing what the others experiences help to understand more about this disease. Hopefully, the stories above will give inspiration to you is undergoing treatment.

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