Lumps in These Places Could Signify as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer

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Detecting cancer early is necessary for cancer cells not spread. But not all cancers are easily detected early, so further detection is necessary.

Fortunately, there are types of cancers that can be detected very early, namely cancer of hodgkin lymphoma. This cancer attacks the lymph node system that is part of the immune system.

“Neck, armpit, and groin are generally used as a location to check whether there is a lump or not in the area.If there is a lump can be a sign of cancer symptoms hodgkin,” explained the doctor

This disease can attack anyone who the majority pengidapnya adolescents and adults. Many age patients are found in the 15-30 year age range. The disease is also more common in men with a percentage of 60 percent compared to women who only have a percentage of 40 percent.

“Many people do not recognize the symptoms and risks of hodgkin lymphoma cancer so come to the doctor if the cancer has spread,”

In addition to lumps in the lymph nodes encountered in the neck, armpits, and groin, other symptoms include fever or fever, night sweats, weight loss of up to ten percent or more without obvious cause, excessive fatigue , loss of appetite, to the enlargement of the spleen or liver.

Doctors also insisted not to underestimate the lumps contained in the body despite its small size. When you find it immediately consult to your doctor.

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