Kidney Cancer Symptoms in Females You Should Know the Common One

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Kidney Cancer Symptoms in Females are often happen. The kidneys are a pair of organs located at below the rib cage in the back of the abdomen. They have the function to filter waste product, excess water and salt from the blood. Besides that, they also produce hormones that monitor blood pressure and control the production of red blood cells.

Kidney cancer is also called renal cancer which occurs when abnormal cells become cancerous—growth and multiply out of control. Most of the kidney cancers appear in the lining of the tubes in the kidney that is called renal cell carcinoma. What is Kidney Cancer Symptoms in Females? Let’s discuss this topic in the following part.

Is There Any Difference Between Kidney Cancer Symptoms In Females And Males?

Worldwide data showed that the higher number of kidney cancer cases appear in men than women. Men have about twice as likely as women to suffer this type of cancer. Most of the kidney cancer cases were found in the later stage because it doesn’t show any significant symptom at an early stage. Those who found it earlier may be caused by abdomen checkup for another reason. Furthermore, the common symptoms which appear both in men and women are quite similar except in males there are enlarged veins in the scrotum. It is the only difference in the symptoms between females and males.

Kidney Cancer Symptoms in Females which Commonly Appear

  • Kidney Cancer Symptoms in Females as told above is quite similar to the symptoms in males. Some of the kidney cancer symptoms that commonly appear below are likely to be found in men or women:
  • Blood in the urine, this is very abnormal especially when it happens no in the period. If you have blood in the urine you should visit a doctor to get the evaluation.
  • Abdominal pain, this commonly appears when something not well in the stomach organs. This symptom may occur many times but usually ignored.
  • A lump in the abdomen
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Unexplained fever
  • Enlarged lymph nodes, lymph nodes as the important organs in the body has the function to against infection and abnormal cells will be enlarged if work too much. Most of this symptom always associated with cancer.
  • High blood pressure that is not easily controlled, this is because the kidneys don’t work well in monitoring high blood pressure.
  • Trouble breathing or leg pain (due to blood clots)
  • A swollen abdomen (due to excess fluid)
  • Bones that break easily

The diagnosis of kidney cancer is often late because of the symptoms almost nothing in the early stage. Some patients will get the diagnosis by reporting their symptoms to a doctor and then do medical tests to know the problem. Moreover, there are several ways to prevent kidney cancer includes not smoking, eat more fruits and vegetables, do exercise regularly, and maintain your body weight. The last, if you find Kidney Cancer Symptoms in Females above either few or more it has to be evaluated by a doctor. Don’t ignore it until become worst. The faster this disease is found the better will be the outcomes.

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