How to Treat Lung Cancer by the Treatment Based On the Stages

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The Stage Will Determine What the Treatment Is Suitable For the Patient of Lung Cancer

People who are being diagnosed with lung cancer will ask common questions like How to Treat Lung Cancer? Can I cure by it treatments? The patients with lung cancer will receive the particular treatment to cure cancer. The doctor will give the treatment based on the stage and type of its cancer.

Some common treatments for lung cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted drug therapy and also immunotherapy. The patients may receive one or two of the treatments follow what the stage of lung cancer is needed.

How to Treat Lung Cancer? Surgery?

There are many ways to treat lung cancer includes surgery. But according to the stage and type of it disease the treatments receiving will be different for each patient. Furthermore, patients who have undergone surgical treatment sometimes will receive chemotherapy again to kill cancer cells. Well, let see more detail about the stage of lung cancer before going to the treatment.

Small cell lung cancer stages divided into two stages:

  • Limited stage, the cells of cancer exist in just one of lung and not spread to both of lungs yet
  • Extensive stage, the tumor has spread to the other area of lungs and chest. It may also have spread to the other organs of the body

Non-small cell lung cancer stages divided into six stages:

  • Occult stage, cancer here is hiding, cannot be seen by scans or biopsy.
  • Stage 0, the tumor is very small and not spread yet
  • Stage I, cancer develops in lung tissues
  • Stage II, the cancer cells may have spread to the lymph node near lungs
  • Stage III, the cells of cancer have spread further to the lymph nodes and the middle of the chest
  • Stage IV, cancer cells have spread throughout the body includes brain, bone and liver.

How To Treat Lung Cancer Based On The Stages?

How to Treat Lung Cancer? As told above that lung cancer treatment depends on what stage lung cancer itself. After undergoing a particular test, the patients will get clear diagnosed about the stage of lung cancer and it is the beginning to determine the treatment they need. However, the type of it cancer is also important to see but the first type above is still rare. That is why there will be displayed about the treatment for non-small cell lung cancer stages.

  1. Treatment of occult stage, the patients still have to wait until the tumor appears by the test to get any treatment.
  2. Treatment of stage 0, this stage is usually only needed surgery. No need to do chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  3. Treatment of stage I, at this stage the patients will undergo surgery alone if possible. But, people with higher risk of coming back of cancer will need adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery to lower the risk of cancer return.
  4. Treatment of stage II, at this stage the patients will undergo not only one treatment. Chemotherapy often along with radiation may be recommended before surgery to shrink the tumor. This will make operation easier. For the patients who have serious medical problems can get radiation therapy as the main treatment.
  5. Treatment of stage III, at this stage the treatments received are the combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. But it depends on the patient health condition.
  6. Treatment of stage IV, this stage is very hard to cure. However the treatments options based on the location of cancer spreading, the number of tumors and overall health. Actually, the treatments at this stage are only to a longer life of patients not to cure the disease.

Hopefully, by reading the short explanation of How to Treat Lung Cancer in this article will give you understanding about this disease. In addition, please don’t wait too long if you feel that you have the higher risk to suffer this type cancer. The sooner you get diagnosed the better you will get the result of treatments.

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