How to Check For Colon Cancer At Home?

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Colon cancer can be a really dangerous and deadly if a patient does not go to a doctor immediately. Somehow, you do not realize that you get colon cancer. In this case, you are recommended to check your colon condition if you think that you suffer from this disease. How to check for colon cancer at home?

Before going to a doctor, you may try some efforts to know if you have colon cancer or not. A colon cancer also has several symptoms.

How to check for colon cancer at home?

The only best choice, if you want to know if you suffer from this disease, is to know the symptoms. What are the symptoms of colon cancer? Here are several symptoms of colon cancer that you need to know in order to check for colon cancer at home before going to a doctor.


  • Feeling Pain in Your Stomach

Since this colon cancer is related to the intestine, it is clear that one of the characteristics that a person is experiencing colon cancer is to feel the pain in the lower abdomen which often appears for a long time. It is similar to a woman who is currently in a menstruation phase. if it is really painful and it comes too often, then you have to visit your doctor for further diagnosis.

  •  Feces with Blood

Hemorrhoids may cause bleeding when you defecate, but colon cancer may also show this symptom. When you see blood along with your feces, it may be a sign of colon cancer that you have to find out more.  If you are not sure that it belongs to a colon cancer, then you may check it by visiting your doctor at nearby hospitals.

  •  Anemia

You may also notice if you get anemia while you also see blood along with your feces. This sign may refer to colon cancer. So, you have to be careful if you get anemia for a long time and you are recommended to visit your doctor for further diagnosis. Early diagnosis will help you prevent cancer from growing and you will be healed soon.

  •  Weight Loss

Weight loss which occurs drastically may also be a sign of colon cancer while you are not in a diet program. You may check if you lose weight by measuring your body mass. If you feel pain the stomach, bleeding on feces, and weight loss, then you may get colon cancer. If you are not sure about it, then you may come to a doctor for a medical checkup.

  •  Decreased Appetite

Usually, a colon cancer may also be signed with decreased appetite. You do not like to eat your food and it causes weight loss. If you feel sick when you want to eat your food, then it may be part of colon cancer symptom. But, you also need to make sure and see other symptoms. if you only fee decreased appetite, it may not be the sign of colon cancer. However, it is accompanied by pain the abs, bleeding on feces, anemia, and weight loss, you probably need to see your doctor.

Well, those are several ways on how to check for colon cancer at home. Somehow, if you do not know how to recognize it, you may need to visit your doctor and let your doctor handle it.

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