How Long Can You Live With Esophageal Cancer? Understanding the Esophageal Cancer Survival Rate!

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Do you know what esophageal cancer is? It refers to cancer which strikes esophagus area. The esophagus is the long tube that has the function to carry food or anything from the back of the throat to stomach to be digested. It occurs when abnormal cells grow in the lining tissue inside the esophagus.

This typically cancer is more common in men than women. Moreover, it includes as the sixth most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide. It sounds terrible, isn’t it? The most common question among people when diagnosed is How Long Can You Live With Esophageal Cancer? this topic will be discussed in this part of this article.

How Long Can You Live With Esophageal Cancer Will Lead You To Understand About Disease And How Long You Can Live With It

How Long Can You Live with Esophageal Cancer with Later Stage?

A person who gets diagnosed with esophageal cancer will be received one or more tests due to knowing the stage of its cancer. The stage refers to how the condition of cancer that grows in esophagus including size, location and spreading of a tumor. This is important to determine the treatment which is suitable to treat its tumor. Pay attention to the short explanation about the stage of esophageal cancer below:

Early stage. This stage may include stage 1 and stage 2 where the tumor is still growing in the layers of the esophagus and may spread to a lymph node near it.

Later stage. This stage may include stage 3 and stage 4 where the tumor has spread to more lymph nodes and metastasize to the distant organs like lung, liver, and bone.

Have a Look at How Long Can You Live with Esophageal Cancer with Later Stage

As told above that esophageal cancer with later stage means cancer cells have metastasized through the other organs of the body such as lung, liver and bone. How Long Can You Live With Esophageal Cancer with the later stage? Actually, this disease is treatable but not a curable. The successful outcomes usually come from the early stage treatments. National Cancer Institute estimated that the overall five-year survival rate for patients with a later stage is only 18.8% because a disease is already spread. Lymph node and the other organs involvement markedly lower survival rate. In addition, the better survival rate in patients which tumors disappeared by chemotherapy before surgery is three-year survival rate of 48%. The five-year survival rate for:

Localized esophagus cancer that hasn’t spread from its primary site is 42.9%

Esophagus cancer with regional spread is 23.4%

Esophagus cancer with distant metastasis is 4.6%

Esophagus cancer with unknown staging is 12.4%

The survival rate of esophageal cancer tends to be low because it has no significant symptoms in the early stage. Most of the patients will do a medical test if it becomes worst. The question is, is there anything to do that can prevent this disease? Of course, it is yes. There are some ways that you can do such as losing weight, moderating alcohol use, and avoiding smoking. That’s all about How Long Can You Live With Esophageal Cancer, may godless always be with you.

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