How Fast Ideally Weight Loss is? Doctor’s Answer

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Many contemporary diets offer significant weight loss offerings in a short period of time. In fact, this one nutrition doctor explained that weight loss in a month ideally do not need a lot. Hmm how much should we have?

How Fast Ideally Weight Loss is?

Diet specialist explains you only need to cut 0.5 kg per week or 2 Kg per month.

“how much is the ideal weight loss? If the mass loss of fat, it should only 0.5 kg per week so a month of 2 kg. But if you have obesity need to be 1 Kg a week,” said the doctor.

According to diet specialist, contemporary diets that offer significant weight loss are often have not been proven in the long run. So it is scary, it will give the impact of ‘yoyo syndrome’ in which the weight back up after the program is completed or even can soar.

“If that is up to 8-10 kg in a month (weight loss) what is missing? Water mass,” he explained.

In addition, many health risks arise when a person’s weight drops in a fast time. For example, the occurrence of gallstones.

“That’s a low-calorie diet, so the fat that comes in a little because the intake is also a bit so the danger of gallstones can not come out,” said diet specilist.

when someone is on a diet ideally weight loss that occurs around four to five pounds. But this depends on the condition of each individual.

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