Hifu for Prostate Cancer Treatment Pros And Cons

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Prostate cancer becomes the most deadly disease and has killed many men in the US and Europe. In some developing countries, the number of patients with prostate cancer decreases but it gets increased in some countries like South Korea, Russia, and China. Fortunately, a non-invasive method to get rid of prostate cancer is now available in the United States by the use of robotic technology. The University of Southern California became the first medical center in the US that conducts this type of procedure to remove prostate cancer. It is known as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Let us talk about HiFu for prostate cancer treatment pros and cons.

HiFu for Prostate Cancer Pros

  • HiFu can detect focal prostate cancer well

HiFu is known as the latest technology in order to get rid of prostate cancer cells thanks to the detection improvement of local prostate cancer. Using this tool, doctors will notice if you have a chance to get prostate cancer or not. So, this tool is really helpful to diagnose prostate cancer even before the symptoms show up.

  •  HiFu can improve the men’s life quality

HiFu has been becoming a new option to heal prostate cancer with a low risk. In this case, many men who get this procedure feel satisfied with this method. This procedure is considered to give good side effects to the life quality of men, so it will not disturb their genital and they will still get the spirit in facing their life.

Hifu For Prostate Cancer Treatment Pros And Cons

Hifu for Prostate Cancer Cons

  • HiFu is still a new procedure that needs more development

Since HiFu is a new thing in the medical field, this procedure still needs development and research. Many men do not like to get HiFu because it is not commonly used in curing prostate cancer while other procedures are known to be the most effective way.

  •  HiFu may get troubles in diagnostics

In some cases, HiFu is really accurate in giving diagnostic to the patients with prostate cancer. However, since it is still under development, HiFu sometimes get an issue to diagnose the disease. In this case, it may cause infection during the procedure due to the lack of accuracy.

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Anyway, those are Hifu for prostate cancer treatment pros and cons that you need to know. Even though this cancer treatment seems promising, many doctors still think twice before taking this procedure because it is still under development. It still needs more study to find the effectiveness of this effort. Moreover, many patients prefer other treatment methods because they have not heard about this new treatment yet.

In summary, HiFu may not be so familiar today, but it will be a great treatment for cancer in a few years later. HiFu for prostate cancer treatment pros and pros are not the things that the people must be afraid of because some doctors have been learning the use of this tool that is known to be a better treatment if it is compared to other treatment procedures.

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