Guanabana Cancer Cure Benefits to Kill Any Types of Cancer

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Guanabana is a type of fruit that has so many benefits and it is also known to be able to cure cancer. Do you believe in it? Guanabana cancer cure has been long time used by many people who get cancer but they do not have money to go to a doctor. In this case, you can use the leaves as well as the fruit flash to heal some diseases.

Guanabana Cancer Cure Studies

Soursop leaf has a good and effective substance to kill all types of cancer cells and tumors, such as breast cancer, cysts, colon cancer and other types of cancer. According to researchers, the efficacy of soursop leaf was carefully studied in 1951 by a Puerto Rico-based researcher named Clery Salazar, then research continued in 1976 in the United States by the National Cancer Institute. The result of the research has revealed that soursop leaves can overcome cancer and destroy cancer cells.

Journal of Natural Products has concluded in the research in 1999 and reported that a study conducted by Catholic University in South Korea stated that one of the chemical elements contained in soursop leaves was Graviola that could distinguish and destroy colon cancer cells 10,000 stronger than Adriamycin and Chemotherapy. The most astounding discovery of Catholic University study was that Graviola could select and kill malignant cells in cancer while healthy cells were not disturbed.

Guanabana Cancer Cure

Processing Soursop Leaf for Cancer

You can follow the best way to cure cancer using Guanabana. According to research Guanabana cancer cure can be conducted by using the leaves. You can pick some pieces of soursop leaves from the trees. You can take 11 pieces of leaves and then you can boil the leaves using water as much as 500cc or two cups. Then, you need to wait for it until the water will remain 250cc. Next, you can filter the water into a cup and just drink the water when it is still warm. In this case, you need to drink the soursop leaves water on a regular basis so you can get the effective result. In addition, this guanabana treatment is not only for curing, but you can also drink it for prevention. But, you only need to consume it at least twice a month. If you have malignant cancer, you are recommended to boil as many as 21 pieces of guanabana leaves.

Are there side effects of drinking this water of guanabana leave? Somehow, you may get stomachache on the first try or you only feel warm in your abs. In addition, your body will also produce a lot of sweat after drinking it. But, you are no need to worry because those are not dangerous side effects and it will be normal in a few days after you get used to drinking it regularly.

Well, that is all about guanabana cancer cure that is really popular among the people today. Many people who have tried this natural treatment when they do not have money to get medical therapy in a hospital. Some patients prefer this treatment for the last hope. Maybe, you can try it at home for heating cancer or for prevention.

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