Good Food for Cancer Patients List Should Meet Your Criteria

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Good Food for Cancer Patients in the healing period, patients with cancer may distance themselves from certain types of food.

Good Food for Cancer Patients in generally, claim this sentences!  Cancer patients are very careful in choosing food. So, about a good food for cancer sufferers should be consumed to support the recovery or reduce the risk of what cancer, yes?

Good Food for Cancer Patients to Keep Weight

For people with cancer, a good food for people with cancer often uses food diet methods that actually inhibits the recovery of disease. As Esther Lin, a senior nutritionist at the National University Hospital and the National University Cancer Institute Singapore said when selected foods have to give energy to the body to keep body weight and when excessive weight increases the risk of developing or exacerbating cancer.

Recommended Good Food for Cancer Patients

Food criteria that match the nutritional intake and body needed I will review in the form of points below. Come on, pay attention.

  • Do not consume processed meats, but still can eat lean meats to taste.

The World Health Organization reports that processed meats, such as sausages, ham, packaged meat (cans), and bacon are bad for cancer patients because they have carcinogenic properties.

So is the red meat that has the same possibilities. Cancer patients can eat meat, but lean meat and in moderation. Meat consumption can provide nutrients, such as amino acids, iron, and vitamin B12. I recommend eating lean meat with a palm-sized portion for two or three times a week.

  • Sugar does not provide intake to cancer cells. Some people are aware that limiting sugar intake will provide energy or nutrients for the development of cancer cells. However, by avoiding sugar consumption, it does not mean cancer cells will stop growing.

All cells, both cancer cells and healthy cells, use glucose (sugar) for energy thanks to the digestibility capabilities of carbohydrates, then broken into glucose which is then absorbed into the body stream and supplied to the cells.

When sugar consumption is stopped, the body will look for ways to make essential energy, such as through protein and fat. That is, the body will break down muscles and sources of fat, so the weight of cancer patients will decrease, fatigue, and functional decline. Therefore, cancer patients I advise not to avoid carbohydrate consumption, especially before and after treatment.

  • Alkaline or acidic diet. Most people believe that cancer will grow in acidic environments. Through this belief, cancer patients will try to consume more alkaline foods and reduce acid. In fact, doing so will not turn the body into an alkaline environment. This is due to the inability to change blood pH beyond the normal range. If there is a shift in acid-base balance, the body will automatically repair it.

So is the lack of food. This behavior will make the protein and fat in the body will increase. If you have cancer, I recommend eating foods that contain higher calories and protein. It’s a good idea your diet is not pruned because it affects the nutritional needs to help restore and reduce the risk of advanced cancer. Oh yes, a good food for a cancer person should focus on calorie intake, protein, and nutritional content to add unsaturated oils, eggs, tofu, milk, or cheese in the food you eat. Another important thing is to ensure the texture of good food for cancer patients that have a soft consistency and can make cancer more easily when chewing and swallowing it.

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