What To Expect In Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is not that uncommon among women. According to cancer research UK organization, almost 7400 women diagnosed with this cancer each year. Other than that, ovarian cancer is a disease when the cancer cells infected the layers of ovaries, an important part of women’s reproduction system. This disease has 4 stages. But the process when this cancerous cells spread to the other area is started on stage 2 and today we will give you some insight regarding of what you should expect if you are diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer.

The Staging

There is four stage of ovarian cancer, these stages are vital to know how far the cancer cells have spread throughout your body.

  • Stage I: The early stage of ovarian cancer. This stage is quite tame and has three subs stage. In stage 1A, cancer has only infected one ovary, while in stage 1B, cancer has infected both ovaries, the last stage or stage 1C is the other condition when the capsule during or after the surgery is broken and cancer has founded in fluid washing. It has the highest rates of survival
  • Stage II: The cautious stage when cancer has infected the area around the pelvis. It has two sub-stages. 2A is a stage when the cancer spread to fallopian tube and uterus. Stage 2B Is when the cancer has infected the lower part such as the bladder, rectum, and sigmoid. This one has an average rate of survival.
  • Stage III: This is warning stage when the cancer is spread to the lymph nodes, abdomen, and another pelvic organ, this stage has two sub-stages which are stage 3A and stage 3B.
  • Stage IV: The last stage and the most dangerous one, if you are diagnosed with the last stage of ovarian cancer, it means the cancerous cells have spread to some distant area within your body. There are two sub-stages of this stage. The first one, 4A means cancer has infected your lungs, while 4B means it has reached your liver or spleen, and even skin and brain.


The Treatment

Stage 2 ovarian cancer is considered as an advance step of cancer. It means the cancer cells have infected other place than the ovary. It can be treated with the treatments below:

  • Surgery: surgery is the most common treatment for cancer. It is done to remove cancer from the infected area.
  • Chemotherapy: another common treatment to be done if you have ovarian cancer. Chemotherapy is done to shrink cancer that couldn’t be removed with surgery. It is also done to prevent the cancer cell from growing back.
  • Debulking surgery: a surgery to remove the cancer cells that now are easy to remove since its shrinking due to the chemotherapy treatment
  • Biological therapy: if the chemotherapy can’t control cancer in your body anymore, you might try this therapy. This therapy is using a drug called Olavarib that is stronger than chemotherapy.

Final Thoughts

Stage II ovarian cancer might be more advanced than the first stage but you it still curable and has 75% survival rates. You might as well treat as soon as possible so that the cancer cells won’t spread any further.

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