Different Cancer Ribbons: Understand the Meaning of Ribbon Colors of Cancer Awareness

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Cancer is a serious disease that becomes a big talk among doctors because this disease cannot be healed easily. Someone who suffers from cancer, they only have 50% to survive and they will die soon. Since there are so many people who suffer from this deadly disease, there are so many groups of cancer awareness who conduct solidarity action to show their support and care about cancer patients and fight against cancer using different cancer ribbons.

What are different cancer ribbons?

Cancer ribbon is a symbol to show a certain cancer type with its different color. So, each ribbon with a certain color refers to a type of cancer. This is a part of a campaign so that the people care about cancer patients and they also need to be aware of this deadly disease in order to avoid it. In this case, when you see a cancer ribbon with a special color, it will resemble a name of cancer. So, what are the colors for cancer awareness used on cancer ribbons?

The Colors and Meaning of Cancer Ribbons

There are more than 10 cancer ribbons with different colors that may refer to many types of cancer that you may not know before. Here are some of the ribbons to show cancer types based on the color.


  • Yellow Ribbon

Although yellow ribbons are most commonly associated with bladder cancer, yellow ribbons are also a symbol of suicide prevention and spina bifida (birth defects with spine).

  •  Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbons are most commonly associated with breast cancer. In addition, the pink ribbon is also a symbol of cancer awareness in children.

  •  Red Grapes Ribbon

This burgundy ribbon is a symbol of multiple myeloma, bone marrow cancer, and oral cancer.

  •  Purple Ribbon

The purple ribbon symbolizes pancreatic cancer and testicular cancer. It also symbolizes ADD Syndrome (Attention Deficit Disorder), Alzheimer’s disease, violence and animal protection (animal abuse).

  •  Gray Ribbon

Gray ribbon is a symbol of awareness for brain cancer, diabetes, and asthma.

  • Blue Ribbon

The blue ribbon has a symbol of concern for prostate cancer. In addition, the blue ribbon also symbolizes anti-torture to children, colon cancer, as well as Chron’s disease.

  •  Orange Ribbon

The orange ribbon represents caring for kidney cancer, leukemia, malnutrition, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.

  •  Black Ribbon

It symbolizes a concern for melanoma (skin cancer). it is also used to symbolize concern for acts of terrorism, mourning, concern for suicidal tendencies (as happened in Japan).

  •  Gold Ribbon

It is a symbol of care and support in cancer patients among children (childhood cancer).

  •  Clear Ribbon / Pearl Ribbon

It symbolizes the support and attention to lung cancer, emphysema, as well as multiple sclerosis (central nervous system disease).

  •  White Ribbon

It symbolizes concern for bone cancer, diabetes, justice, victims of terrorism, peace, human rights, sexual harassment of students, and anti-pornography against minors.

  •  Green Ribbon

It symbolizes concern for eye cancer, depression, lost children, environmental concerns, occupational safety and glaucoma disease.

  • Bluish Green Ribbon

It symbolizes concern for ovarian cancer, tsunami victims, anti-bullying, congenital diaphragm hernia, Tourette syndrome disease, and neuralgia (neurological disease).

  • White Green Ribbon

It is a symbol of cervical cancer.

Well, those are several different cancer ribbons that most of the people do not know. So, when you see those ribbons in many ads, banners, and other places, then you have to realize that many people care about those types of cancer.

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