Color for Kidney Cancer Increases Awareness

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How the Way of Orange Color for Kidney Cancer Increase Awareness and Show Support

Color for Kidney Cancer is orange same with color for leukemia disease. This represented color is used in Kidney Association Awareness such as in ribbon or another accessory to show support. It is the simple way to show support to the kidney cancer survivor and also spread awareness of cancer. Kidney cancer is also called as renal cancer is typically cancer in which attack men and women in kidney areas. According to the data from Kidney Cancer Association about 50,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with Kidney cancer each year.  In short, increasing awareness is important to reduce its number.

Does The Represented Color for Kidney Cancer Increase Awareness?

Talking about awareness, it comes from us alone. How we aware the dangers of cancer to our body and the way we change our bad habits that trigger cancer cells growth. Does the represented Color for Kidney Cancer increase awareness? The answer is possible yes. The little piece like orange ribbon may have influenced our mindset to be careful with kidney cancer. In the contrary, sometimes many people feel awareness after seeing the campaign of kidney cancer but they don’t pay attention to their bad habits in which can be a risk factor to suffer this disease. It is not good anyway, awareness means keeping your body from the risk factor as lower as possible such as stop smoking.

Color for Kidney Cancer Increases Awareness and Shows Deep Support

As we know that, Orange is symbolized warmth and the strength. The color orange that used in kidney cancer shows deep support to those who survive in beating kidney cancer cells. Most of the survivors will need this to stay strong and never lose hope. Besides that, it can increase awareness of risk factor to suffer this disease. Pay attention to the risk factor below:

  • Smoking habit, this habit is the most in correlation with cancer risk factor includes kidney cancer.
  • Male, if you are men means you have twice higher of the risk factor in suffering kidney cancer. Male is higher than women.
  • Obesity, there is no good news for obesity people. There will be numerous of diseases can attack people with obese such as kidney cancer.
  • Using certain pain medication for a long time, this may include over-the-counter drugs in addition to prescription drugs.
  • The Certain genetic condition, this point refers to such Von—Hippel—Lindau (VHL) or inherited papillary renal cell carcinoma.
  • The family history of kidney cancer, if you have family who suffers or has ever suffered this disease means you have the higher risk factor to get kidney cancer. The highest risk is for the siblings.
  • Black, being black is slightly higher than the whites.
  • Have a lymphoma, this is still unknown why lymphoma will increase the risk factor for kidney cancer.

Some of the risk factors above should be understood to prevent kidney cancer. In fact, there are still many patients with kidney cancer who don’t meet those criteria while the others with higher risk don’t suffer this disease. But the preventive action is better than cure the disease, isn’t it? Stop or quit smoking is one of the ways to lower the risk you have. Another way is to keep your lifestyle be healthy. In short, Color for Kidney Cancer hopefully can increase awareness among us. It means the number of the patients with kidney cancer can be lower.

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