Change Your Opinion! Not All Cancer Is Pink!

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Cancer is a serious illness and is in the spotlight by many people thanks to its ferocious nature, as well as the risk of death for the sufferer.

Do you know that Not All Cancer Is Pink?! It is common for people with cancer to develop this disease to feel uncomfortable for a short period of time, whether caused by cancer cells or due to side effects of healing methods. Even when cancer reaches a certain stage, cancer can turn into an incurable disease.

The declaration about “Not All Cancer Is Pink” is now becoming the viral topic. Many advanced cancer patients whose age has been convicted will not belong by doctors, they experience a desperate condition, feel not getting justice, down, and feel isolated from the environment. Over time, throughout the world began to emerge groups that care about cancer.

However, thanks to their symbolic concerns through the easy red ribbons, most people in the world are trapped by the assumption that cancer is always identical to the pink color. Yet not all cancers are pink.

Cancer Not Always Symbolized Pink Color

Volunteers who care about cancer begin to perform various actions of solidarity to show if they support and care for patients with cancer, the patient’s family, and for the layman. Through their ribbons shows a sense of solidarity that often uses pink ribbons. Unfortunately, the shift in assumptions began to be present today, in the form of always pink cancer.

Some information that discusses cancer always associate cancer with the color pink. This is actually not appropriate because it can lead to public opinion. For information, on this occasion, I will say that not all cancers are pink and there are still some colors that are identical with cancer.

Here are some colors – other than pink – that are symbols along with the meanings used in campaigns or anniversaries of anti-cancer days worldwide.

The Colors Are Identical with Cancer

  • The ribbon is purple

This band represents pancreatic cancer and testicular cancer. In addition to both cancers, some circles also use purple as a sense of solidarity from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) syndrome, animal abuse and protection (animal abuse), and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Ribbon is red

The burgundy ribbon is a symbol of bone marrow cancer, oral cancer, and multiple myeloma.

  • Ribbon is black

The black band represents the concern for people with skin cancer or melanoma. In addition to concern for cancer, this color is used as a symbol of awareness of the concerns of suicidal tendencies, acts of terrorism, and mourning conditions.

  • Ribbon is grey

The grey ribbon is a symbol of awareness and concern for brain cancer, asthma, and diabetes.

  • The ribbon is golden

The gold color on the ribbon symbolizes concern and support to the patient or childhood cancer sufferer.

  • The ribbon is blue

Blue ribbon has a meaning to care for people with prostate cancer and colon cancer. Not only the concern of prostate cancer and colon cancer. the blue ribbon symbolizes the anti-torture that the victims are children, as well as Chron’s disease.

  • Clear ribbon or pearl ribbon

This color band symbolizes support and concern for people with lung cancer, emphysema, and multiple sclerosis or central nervous system.

  • Green and white ribbons

This ribbon becomes a symbol of concern for cervical cancer.

Well, hopefully, the description of the colors that symbolize cancer above begins to change the stereotype that sticks to your head, that not all cancer is pink. The subject of the pink color often used as a symbol of concern for breast cancer.

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