Can You Get Ovarian Cancer After Hysterectomy?

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Ovarian cancer becomes one of the most deadly diseases in the world that has killed so many women. Some women prefer Hysterectomy when they know that they have no chance to have kids anymore. Perhaps, you want to get a hysterectomy so that you do not get ovarian cancer.  Can you get ovarian cancer after hysterectomy? Let us talk about ovarian cancer and hysterectomy that you have to know.

Can You Get Ovarian Cancer After Hysterectomy?

Maybe, you really want to know if Hysterectomy can save your life and avoid ovarian cancer to come. Some women get a hysterectomy because they consider that they will not get ovarian cancer after conducting this process. However, there is a certain issue in which one or both ovaries are still inside the ovarian after you get his operation. Even though Hysterectomy is a good way to avoid ovarian cancer, there is still a possibility that ovarian cancer may attack you.  You probably choose radical hysterectomy where surgeons will remove your cervix, uterus, and the tissue. In fact, the ovaries will be still there after this surgery process. In this case, there is still a way for a cancer cell to grow in the ovaries and start to be mutated when cancer attacks.

How Do You Avoid the Ovarian Cancer after Hysterectomy?

Once you decide to take hysterectomy procedure while you are not diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it is your best chance to prevent it from coming. So, after you get a hysterectomy, you probably need to get another surgery to remove the ovaries. Though you may still have a chance to get ovarian cancer, at least this ovaries removal can reduce the risk of cancer attack. In addition, a study also showed that ovaries removal may also reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially for those who bring BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations.

Can You Get Ovarian Cancer After Hysterectomy

What are the Signs of Ovarian Cancer?

You probably still need to be careful and always pay attention to some signs of ovarian cancer after hysterectomy. In this case, you need to know several symptoms of ovarian cancer that you have to know. What are the symptoms? Some of the common symptoms are:

–    Feeling too much full

–    Eating issues

–    Discomfort in abdominal area

–    Urinating too often

–    Feeling heartburn

–    Fatigue for no Reasons

Therefore, when you get some of these symptoms while you have no idea what the causal factors are, then you really need to call your doctor so that your doctor will take further action and find the factors whether it is really ovarian cancer or not. It is also really important to diagnose earlier so your doctor can take quick medical procedure so that cancer will not spread out and can be cured effectively.

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Well, can you get ovarian cancer after hysterectomy? Now, the question is already answered and you know that ovarian cancer may still attack you despite you already get a hysterectomy. In fact, this procedure is a good choice to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer so you can avoid this deadly disease.

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