Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas

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October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That’s right. You will see pink ribbon everywhere you see. Do you want to help and participate? There are many ways you can do to help and participate in increasing the awareness of breast cancer. Do you need some Breast Cancer Awareness Month ideas? We have some ideas here. Let’s start.


Idea #1: Donating to Research Initiatives

Research is very important for combating breast cancer. Unfortunately, metastatic breast cancer research has less funding as compared to early-stage breast cancer research. The fact is metastatic breast cancer is the only form of breast cancer that you can actually kill you.

In most cases, the charitable money goes to basic research of breast cancer. This, however, has little clinical application. If you want to help fight breast cancer, a good idea is to donate to research initiatives that are focusing on metastatic breast cancer. After all, they are trying to get an actual cure for breast cancer and not simply increasing awareness.

Idea #2: Lead by Example

One of our Breast Cancer Awareness Month ideas is to lead by example. Yes, just lead by example. By this, we mean getting a mammogram. Early detection of breast cancer can save a life. This can be done by getting a mammogram. Don’t worry if you can’t afford one. There are many clinics who offer free mammograms. Why not schedule your mammogram for this month?

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Idea #3: Helping People You Know Who Have the Cancer

Breast cancer patients need our help. They often hear the phrase “Let me know if I can do anything for you” or something along that line. And yet, they never see the person who said that again. The longer the patient on treatment, the more help they need.

This is why helping patients is a good idea. You can help them by walking their dog. Or, drive their kids to school. You see, Breast Cancer Awareness Month ideas don’t have to be doing complex things. In fact, doing something as simple as cleaning bathrooms will be a tremendous help.Don’t ask how you can help them. Instead, tell them how you are planning to do it.

Idea #4: Eat and Drink Pink

During this month, there will be a lot of local business who participate in increasing breast cancer awareness. You can help the cause by ‘eating and drinking pink.’ Many of local business will give their customers the option of adding a donation to the bill. There will be also restaurants who serve special dishes, drinks or desserts, which when you buy them some of the profit will be donated to breast cancer foundations.

Idea #5: Listen to the Patient

Last but not least of our Breast Cancer Awareness Month ideas, listen to breast cancer patients. Cancer patients don’t always want or need to feel fighters or survivors. When they tell you about their cancer, you don’t respond by calling them a fighter. Instead, just tell them that you are sorry for what they have experienced and you are here to listen. Be the person who will listen and hopefully, ease some of their burdens.



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