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Do you know what October is? That’s right. It is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time when you will see pink-colored products everywhere. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. It is deadly cancer but if it is detected early, it can be cured. This is why raising awareness is important. One of the ways to increase awareness is to buy breast cancer awareness products, including breast awareness football gear.

The Month Where the Players Wear Pink

Indeed. Since October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness, football players will wear pink gear. From pink jerseys, gloves, socks to cleats as well as other pink-colored breast awareness football gear.

For years, pink-colored football gear is available on major websites such as NFL. It is not uncommon to find regular football gear available to help increase breast cancer awareness. In fact, breast cancer awareness football gear such as pink helmet, pink wristband, pink armband, pink sleeve, pink sweatband and pink football are worn by many football players (even high school players) to show support for the cause.

There is more to it, though. During the month, you will notice that you will see pink at the football stadium. That’s right. Even the NFL logo. The purpose of this is to raise awareness as well as funds to fight breast cancer.


Want to Show Your Support?

Do you want to help and participate in increasing breast cancer awareness? If you do, why not purchase breast awareness football gear? This way, you will raise awareness and help to fund at the same time.

  • Helmet

One of the most important parts of football protective gear, the helmet is also the most recognizable. There are two ways a helmet is decorated during the month. One is to modify the team and league logo with pink color. Other is to add pink ribbon on it.

  • Wristband

The wristband is designed to prevent sweat from running down a player’s arm as well as wiping player’s sweat on their forehead. During the month, you will find a lot of players wear a pink wristband.

  • Sweatband

The sweatband is made to absorb sweat and prevent it from running into your eyes. During the month, to show support for breast cancer awareness, the front part of sweatbands are embroidered with a pink color. A good thing about breast cancer awareness sweatband is that it can be worn outside the month. After all, the awareness doesn’t end with October.

  • Sleeve

Have you ever seen football players wearing an arm sleeve during a match? In case you are wondering, the purpose of a compression sleeve is to help a player’s muscles to recover from their previous injury. Not only that, it is also designed to improve blood circulation and thus, reducing the healing time. A pink-colored sleeve is a good choice to show your support for breast cancer awareness cause since it is visible although it may not be as recognizable as a helmet.

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Of course, there is still other breast cancer awareness football gear that will help you show your support. When you decide to purchase these gears, make sure that the gears are not only to show your support but also functional. After all, the gears are going to be worn during a match.



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