Brain Cancer Facts According to the WHO

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Brain Cancer Facts starts with a brain tumor that interferes with brain function and performance.

Brain cancer facts in accordance with WHO estimates that brain cancer cases are rare, but the case has grown to a nominal of around 22,000 people each year with 13,000 deaths. So is Dr. Rakesh K. Two, Ms. Mch, a neurosurgeon and consultant at the Neurosurgery Department of Rockland Hospital in New Delhi, whom I will write information from him as factual information about brain cancer.

Be Aware of these Brain Cancer Facts!

Be aware pleaseā€¦ We already know people who have brain cancer and are fighting against the disease. There are several kinds of brain cancer facts about brain cancer that you need to know as a step to anticipate and understand how horrible this disease is said to be one of the most deadly types of cancer.

Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths suffered by patients under the age of 14, while the second cause of death for patients under the age of 20 years. Here I write about the facts of brain cancer consisting of:

  • A common type of cancer of brain cancer is secondary brain cancer which is a cancer of another part of the body that has spread to the brain. The second brain cancer is Glioblastoma: a common primary brain cancer.
  • Survival rates for primary brain cancer (Glioblastoma) are often between 10 and 12 months, although patients have undergone various treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Survival rates for secondary brain cancers vary depending on the status and type of primary cancer (6 to 12 months).
  • Common symptoms common to brain cancers are increased headache, seizures, deficits, neurologist such as weakness of the hands and feet, speech problems, walking difficulties, visual impairment, behavioral changes, and so on.
  • Unlike other forms of cancer, primary brain tumors usually do not spread to other organs, even if the risk is horrible or fatal.
  • Patients who die of primary brain cancer, their organs can still be donated to someone else who would need it, because as the rest of the patient’s organs are not affected.
  • The choice of treatment depends on the type of patient. For primary brain cancer, surgery is the first and appropriate treatment option, then proceeded to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. For secondary brain cancer, surgery is the first choice after which radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and Gamma-based blade surgery depend on the choice: size and number of tumors.
  • Children under 20 years of age still have the possibility of developing brain tumors. Although tumors often occur in children aged about 5 to 10 years.
  • Children’s brain tumors differ from those of adults, as well as behavior: different techniques and treatments.
  • Radiation exposure is one of the main causes of brain cancer.
  • The type of brain tumor has variations. No two types of tumors are the same and not all brain tumors are potentially cancerous.

Hopefully, the Brain Cancer Facts I resume above is really I mean to help you recognizing brain cancer early, hopefully I give you a better understanding of this deadly disease. Keep health!

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