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Purple determines Color For Pancreatic Cancer. Pancreatic cancer awareness month in November.  Pancreatic cancer occurs when cancer cells begin in pancreas tissues—an organ in the abdomen behind the lower part of the stomach. The pancreas has the function to produce enzymes and hormones to aid digestion and manage blood sugar. Diabetes is one of the signs of pancreatic cancer.

In fact, this typically cancer often have it symptom when getting advanced. You know what the bad news, pancreatic cancer is one of the fourth cancers that lead to death both men and women in the United States. That is why it is very good to keep awareness of this disease.

Color For Pancreatic Cancer and Awareness Development

Pancreatic cancer includes in purple color which is represented by a ribbon to determine its awareness. It can be found in apparel printed design, bracelets, pin, and plat license. Those for awareness purpose, it is often used to share support and increase awareness of pancreatic cancer.  Cancer awareness means knowing that particular disease and set the goals to prevent it. Understand about cancer risk factor and do several things to decrease the possibility to suffer this disease. In the same way, pancreatic cancer awareness should be developed nowadays. Have a look at the following risk factor that may lead to pancreatic cancer.

Chronic inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), people who have chronic inflammation in the pancreas may have higher chance to suffer pancreatic cancer

Diabetes, as we know that pancreas has the function to produce insulin to stabilize sugar. People who suffer diabetes means there is a problem of pancreas that will increase the risk to get pancreatic cancer

Family history of genetic syndromes includes BRCA2 mutation, Lynch Syndrome and familial atypical mole-malignant melanoma (FAMMM) syndrome will increase the chance to get pancreatic cancer

Family history of pancreatic cancer, this disease can be inherited from parents or the other members of family

  • Smoking habits
  • Obesity
  • Older age, people with 65 ages and up will have a higher risk to suffer pancreatic cancer
  • Purple Color For Pancreatic Cancer And Its Benefit

Pancreatic cancer which is represented by purple color actually doesn’t have a specific meaning. It simply sets for awareness grouping for each type of cancer. Color For Pancreatic Cancer is often used to the fundraising event in particular community that can increase solidarity among the members. Besides that, it has several benefits like the following:

Increase awareness of pancreatic cancer that may come to anyone with risk factor or even don’t have any risk factor

Show support, the color purple that is adapted to many stuff like ribbon and bracelet will simply show support to those who suffer pancreatic cancer

Share caring, by giving support to the cancer survivors, they will automatically share their care with the people around includes family and beloved one.

That’s all about the benefit of Color For Pancreatic Cancer. Hopefully, it will really increase awareness and can decrease the cancer patients each year. Prevent this disease may be started by stop smoking.

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